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Self-Esteem Required For Your Work

This entry will be of me detailing to you my experiences involving my work as a practicing psychic medium which required me to build a healthy self-esteem. You can use this as an example for you if you are desiring to shift your trajectory in life within your profession as you are engaging with your individuation process - to unleash your true potential.

I often say throughout my website and podcast that Spirit does not care if I look like an ASS.

I struggled with bullying throughout my childhood and the urge to conform to those around me to fit in. Despair throughout my mindscape. Lack of self-worth. Self-hatred programs running amok throughout the undercurrents of my psyche. All of these were activated as I began to forge my own path so that I could Heal.

I engaged with the downloads instructing me to begin doing my work professionally. I had to encourage myself to be willing to be vulnerable with people as I shared my skills. I needed to embody bravery so that I could expose myself to new experiences that were birthing from the Unknown.

When you contemplate the guidance you receive to embark on your own are automatically flooded with the illusions about what will happen if you take your first step. The assaults from others who knew you as you were and their attempts to contain you from evolution. Darkness also does not want you to align with your Optimal Path because you are encoded with a unique signature to bring Life back to Earth.

I was incredibly shy as a child, teenager, and young adult. I still require energy to involve myself with social situations so I can combat the habitual urge to remain within my home. My weight loss journey gifted me with sacrificing the wish to not examine why I behave and why I think the way I do. It forced me to look at myself and to learn how to love who I am as a unique expression of the GodForce.

You must attain a level of self-confidence that is aligned with your work. The many years of studying my skills and the mechanics of PSYCHISM taught me about this craft so I can provide the instruction manual of the board game. To know thyself and thy craft. Your journey will test you and it will highlight your weaknesses so that you can heal while transforming your weaknesses into strengths.

My experiences also taught me about the constructs of the "TV Medium" and how psychics/mediums are just human who are housing streams within their bruised ego. The need to be 100% right. The need to use stage tricks so all of the information creates an illusion of accuracy and the true PSYCHISM craft. Money behind media corporations as well as venues that hire a psychic/medium. The drive to nail it so one does not end up on a "PSYCHIC/MEDIUM FAILS" YouTube video. I have great compassion for these people because I know that they are fragile, sensitive, and are required to perform according to the misperceptions/lies about this work.

Self-Esteem gifts you with an alignment with your Essence so that you can embrace your role as a human bringing Life back to Earth.

I never know what will happen during a reading and I can only use my experiences as a template for what could potentially occur during a reading. I learned the dynamics and complexities of PSYCHISM which I use to inform my client on what he/she is purchasing. Group Mediumship Readings are a service that I was hiding from - I did not want to expose myself to a situation where I could be laughed at. Then...spirit kept nudging me and I developed the level of confidence and self-esteem to speak in front of a group of people knowing my skills, services, and value.

I had to push through my comfort so I can evolve.

Our current space/time involves an opportunity for transformation that is dependent on the individual's embracement of his/her journey to align with the Optimal Path. I met many people throughout various fields who are desiring to push the boundaries of normalcy so that a true, new normal is aligned with Life.

This is a slow process. I began my practice 9 years after I awakened to my unique skills/talents. I needed this slow healing journey to learn about myself, my work, and the constructs of our reality.

You must be willing to look like an ASS. To allow others to perceive you as they will. To desire to be a vessel for great change in this world as you embody the Divine Warrior.

The GodForce will assist you throughout your formation of a new trajectory. You will need to sacrifice what doesn't serve you and those who are no longer aligned with your energy. You will have moments that drag you back to despair, but you will recover and persevere. You will greet your worries about being vulnerable so that you can realize that your mission to restore Life on this planet is a need that rejects the habitual response to contain your Essence - to shy away from who you are becoming.


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