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Sensations of Psychic vs Mediumistic Readings/Information

Hello, Light Wizards! This quick lil transmission is for me to briefly describe to you the differences in the Sensations of Psychic vs Mediumistic Information/Readings.

🕯️Psychic This information “rests” lower near my chest. It’s grounded and just flows. Writing down your intentions and questions prior to a reading and having a great emotional/energetic charge housed within them will really produce a finer tune within my Mind Tool.

🕯️Mediumistic This is just like communicating with strangers. Every spirit plays the Mediumistic Instrument uniquely and the types of information and their communication mirror their personality and their relationship to you. It can be like pullllllling teeth when spirit is very reserved while some also may not be good yet at playing the Mediumistic Instrument. Others are showstoppers and just are playing the instrument beautifullllly

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