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Spiritual Resiliency & Active Construction | Reject "Big Spirituality"

During my excellent morning bike session (while listening to Swift's 1989 Taylor Version because it was just released and I love her music), I was empowered and slammed with Higher Mind's impact.

This Time on Earth calls for our Spiritual Resiliency and an Active Construction. To become Independent with our Spiritual Growth which will influence our Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Psychological Growth.

Through my years navigating the "psychic circles"...I'm left disappointed. Lack of Study. Lack of Skill. Lack of Knowledge and Wisdom. Lack of Spiritual Independence. Many, though not all, of what I came across is tied into the New Age Machine - the million dollar industry - "Big Spirituality". It has developed into a Corporation that creates a Dependency on the Consumers through social media, products, and programs that do not Build Spiritual Resiliency and leaves a person in Passive Construction driven by the Psychic Wiring within the Unconscious that is not examined/healed.

It's interesting to note my Swift reference which led to my conclusions of "Big Spirituality" could say Swift is of "Big Music". Alas, I can't help what I enjoy listening to.

I'm speaking to you from my experience. Higher Mind / Team Light / whatever label you want to dawn the Unseen Benevolent Helpers knows what I need for my Evolution. I need a Strong Influence that "parents" me by giving me an idea that will force me out of my comfort zone, to push through fear, and to do the work without being coddled. I see that my entire trajectory with my business and my skills was to assist me with cultivating Spiritual Resiliency and Active Construction.

To take an Active Role in Constructing my Life by doing the Great Inner Work. To dive deep into my Unconscious and examine my Psychic Wiring. To allow Synchronicity to bring me to Teachers, Grounded Material (Books and Videos), and put me into experiences that Challenges me.

I written and spoke about my first years on social media with my business. How I would receive and write down an Animal of the Day. Then I was told to stop because Higher Mind said it was over. I learned what I needed from posting an animal everyday. I was told to stop because Higher Mind does not want me to create a Dependency on my posts with whoever reads them.

We are moving out of the Time of the Guru/Gatekeeper. "Big Spirituality" is nothing of genuine, internal dances with the Divine. It is to capitalize on its customers' internal wounds and then feed them material that does not provide the tools and information grounded into the human experience to truly assist with Evolution.

It is a Wild Wild West concerning the Psychic & Mediumistic Fields. I can't do anything to change "Big Spirituality" other than focusing on my Great Inner Work, my services, and to help those who request my skills to assist them with their journeys.

Ask Higher Mind to lead you to that which will help your Personal Evolution without a Dependency Created. Reject "Big Spirituality" by allowing Life to guide you without an influencer on your black mirror.

Psychic Development is about You meeting You meeting You meeting You. It is to build your Connection with Higher Mind so that you become Spiritually Resilient while engaging with Life to align with Active Construction.


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