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Spiritual Warrior: Intrinsic Motivation & Woundology

You are an instrument for the Divine with a pre-programmed Optimal Path that will require your sincere effort and dedication to rise above the negative programming running amok throughout our collective species.

I get it. Having to take responsibility for your life is HARD. It is much easier to remain stagnate in complaining about XYZ that did XYZ to you which caused XYZ - Woundology.

The great Caroline Myss often speaks about Woundology. How a person speaks his/her wounds. Creates an identity around his/her wounds. Clings so desperately to his/her wounds then receive praise for his/her wounds from others who are bound by Victim Consciousness.

You are equipped with the GODFORCE to Rise like the Phoenix through your efforts to Change. The Great Inner Work.

I remember when I was obese. All I would do was complain and live in envy. I would look at those who are physically fit and I would emit a frequency of distaste and jealousy. This did me more harm than anything beneficial. It did not provide me with the landscape to take Responsibility for my life nor provide me with the inspiration to make Changes.

I eventually became tired of complaining and living in that consciousness. I decided to ask for help. I received assistance from an Exercise Physiologist and then I applied his teachings into my daily life.

Taking Responsibility for my life and pushing against the negative programming of our world gifted me with LIGHT. I was able to see that small changes over time led to large changes. I was able to work with the FORCE, Synchronicity, and the Magic of Life to follow each breadcrumb which led me to new experiences.

As Dr. Joe Dispenza always must change your personality to change your personal reality. You must become a new person.

I look around the world and I see Feed Back Loops of Victim Consciousness. If you're reading this then I assume that you know that I know there are victims of horrific acts. Life is very difficult. It is not Wonderland. This is a Jungle. That doesn't mean that we can't be in states of happiness, pleasure, and delight. But not acknowledging the difficulties of life and the opportunities to transform through challenging times is similar to disassociating from life via substance abuse.

We must become Spiritual Warriors. We must Know Thyself. We must Know Thy Enemy.

We all have Great Power dwelling within us beneath the negative programming. It is imperative that a true devotee of the LIGHT realizes that hard work, dedication, commitment, and a touch of Magic will birth a new Personal Reality that creates Beautiful, Beneficial Ripple Effects to influence others around us positively.

I have such compassion for my fellow humans. The human experience is of Duality. Beautiful & Tragic. Healing & Painful. Light & Dark.

When we begin the Great Inner Work - Shadow Work - then we can see the Treasure lying beneath the negative programming. It is to tap into our ESSENCE to SHINE.

You must Desire to change. The Intrinsic Motivation.

The world needs Spiritual Warriors to combat the negative influences while also resisting propaganda. You must Know Thyself. Strengthen your Mind/Body/Spirit Complex. Rise about those around you who dwell in their wounds.

To be a Spiritual Warrior means that you align with the GODFORCE, accept total responsibility for your life, and put in the dedication and commitment to make small changes everyday that will lead to TRANSFORMATION.


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