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Start of a New Beginning

Today is November 5th 2023 and it is 5:38am. My computer had a little hiccup this morning...stating that I needed to charge my macbook even though there is 56% of battery left. Oddly enough, I was greeted by a Spirit just before and I was this Spirit's secretary. Recording notes to share with the one person who is meant to do so. Spirit's Secretary.

I've been awake since 3am. It really was 6am in Eastern Time, but Daylight Savings Time ended so it felt like 7am to my body. I fixed my morning potions - lemon water & coffee - and then I went to the hotel's gym for an excellent morning elliptical session. I haven't been on the elliptical since 2021 when I decided to purchase an exercise bike due to some declarations that I felt comprised my body's natural processes of exhalation and inhalation. I'm inspired to go back to the gym and up-level my exercise routine. I missed the elliptical!

This is a Start of a New Beginning.

I intend to Augment my PSYCHISM. I intend to Anchor the True Light - Holy Nature - Higher Mind - GODFORCE. I intend to Understand the larger, broader strokes of our Collective then hone in on the micro-details.

My room's door is open and I hear the rushing Pacific Waves crashing against the boulders. 'Free Willy' comes to mind and the Orca Totem symbolizes, to me, Therapeutic Assistance with the courage to Ask for Help.

I desire to Expand my Ability to Help all those who ask for my Assistance. I wrote about Summer 2023 as the Service Stage. Now there is a finer-tuned aspect to the Service Stage.

For whatever its worth, I am deeply moved by Spirit's strategies to align the who/what/when/where to align humans with their Optimal Path. The trials and tribulations which would Ignite the Fire of Transformation via challenges. The Phoenix Rising from a human's ability to adapt, to modify, and to transmute. Experiencing this Dense Materialism with the Church of $cientism and Rising Religious is just What Is.

My intentions are to Expand my Reach with Refinement. To receive the Breadcrumbs to follow so I can actualize and manifest my intentions in physical forms.

The Archetypal Realization of the Seer and to release the Psychic Wiring installed intended to Divorce myself from the Great Work of the Sacred Intuitive Arts.

New Beginnings. The Unknown shrouded in Darkness cloaking the Path. To follow Higher Mind's step-by-step instructions.

To Augment, To Anchor, & To Understand.


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