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8:13pm 8-2-22

I caught the writer bug on this day in Oregon! Words be flowin’ as I’m in STYLE.

Packing for my trip, Taylor Swift’s REPUTATION tour ricocheted, rebounded, rebirthed my space to dawn STYLE.

Besides “Style” being my favorite Tay Tay song, the energy fueled throughout the performance successfully initiated the audience at the moment they projected their STYLE onto the stage. Managing a shift in consciousness, the audience perceived a glimmer of what STYLE can stream through the chakra system so that the human avatar may attempt to anchor possibility into physical existence.

I was at that concert back in July 2018! My friend, Gloryfoot, gifted me with a ticket and it is something I intend to trade when Swift goes on tour again! Magic reverberated throughout the stadium for we all had a chance to connect with the possibility that we may embody STYLE.

Swift’s appeal caresses the audience’s SOUL whispering encouragement that we all may remain in STYLE.

For you reading this post, how can you embody STYLE? How can you integrate possibility into material experience? How can you summon the bravery to burst through the barricades of self-hating patterns resulting from the moments you were shut down by the external world when you embraced STYLE?

How can you create your Life’s stage as STYLE?



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