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The Bingo Fallacy

My years of studying myself and the perceptions overlayed onto PSYCHISM led me to conclude that the lack of basic understandings of psychic and mediumistic mechanics severely diminishes the potency and potential for a reading to positively enhance a client's life stream. This leads me to the Bingo Fallacy.

A psychic and/or medium starts a reading then the work is immediately hijacked by the conditioning and misperceptions cemented into the subconscious of a person.

I am extremely aware of the con-artists who are masters at illusions and are wise in trickery. I also observe Darkness's ability to pervert the natural into a distortion. Perceiving the psychic and/or medium as a cold/hot "reader" with a claim of playing Bingo.

The mechanics of psychic and mediumistic skills impregnated with poison coupled with a sour collective perception programmed by deceit so the individual is divorced from his/her Intuitive Instrument.

I get it. I am very well aware of how easy it is to believe in the Bingo Fallacy. The medium is just calling out random bites of generic information just waiting for an audience member to take the bait.

I never knew what a reading was until I engaged with my development. I never knew what psychic and mediumistic skills were until I chose to honor the fire of Soul within my being. I was ignorant to the complexities and dynamics of the intuitive arts.

My opening speech before a reading is about five minutes. I consolidated the important basic mechanics from an eight hour lecture into an opening speech that helps a client to align his/her perceptions and expectations with the reality of these skills. The Experience page on my website is much more detailed and it is the Instruction Manual to the Board Game of PSYCHISM.

Without the knowledge...without the instruction manual...the client is left to the mercy of the programmed subconscious which taints the psychic and mediumistic information received and relayed by a genuine psychic and/or medium.

A Psychic and/or Medium is a mirror - A Looking Glass. He/she produces threads of information that must be stitched together to form a tapestry. A reflection of what a client is consciously aware and what is unconsciously known during the reading.

Clairvoyant images, and sometimes clairaudient whispers, are segments of a dream broken into packets of data filtered through the psychic and/or medium's lens of perception and frame of reference.

Calling out names. Calling out how a person died. Calling out numbers. It is impossible to see the connectivity of the threads without knowing the fundamentals of PSYCHISM.

Darkness designed the constructs of what is presented to the masses in a way that terrorizes an individual with swarms of thought patterns birthed by the conditioning shackled into the layers operating an individual without conscious recognition.

The Bingo Fallacy also is an accurate description. With the knowledge of psychic and mediumistic mechanics, one can perceive the game of Bingo with the gnosis required to perceive the Board Game as a reflection of one's Intuitive Instrument.

A genuine psychic and/or medium is a facilitator. Is the Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons. The psychic and/or medium uses the wisdom extracted from past experiences and the knowledge of the mechanics/readings to overlay onto the new book being written/read throughout the new reading performed.

A genuine psychic and/or medium desires no prior knowledge of a client's life and the situations/topics/subjects a client wishes to receive information about. A blank slate. To observe the psychic/mediumistic impressions as the mind is split into the receiver and the relayer.

Psychic and Mediumistic Information will never appear as cohesive and mechanical as an essay, a text, a structured paper defined by spoken language.

PSYCHISM Information resembles the notes woven throughout sheet music. The images produced within the conscious mind when a person reads a novel. Clues collected to solve a mystery. The brush strokes of a painter.

A medium aligned with Truth and Integrity knows what he/she can do during a reading. The genuine medium will not edit the information received and relayed while also acknowledging the inability to be 100% accurate since PSYCHISM is not a computerized transcript printed by collected data. Sometimes an image can be misinterpreted, but the client will realize that, through the medium's lens of perceptions, the image is of a memory held dear between the client and a loved one rather than the misinterpretation of the image decoded as a present experience.

Will Darkness's chokehold over the natural experience of PSYCHISM ever be released? Well...I see more people desiring the truth to learn about their Intuitive Instrument and they are beginning to truly value the power of guidance, healing, and clarity offered by a genuine psychic and/or medium's service.


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