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3:28pm 7-1-22

Yesterday, I watched The Craft once more and this was the most real experience I ever had. “Real” meaning that synchronicity gravitated reading material along with interviews which centered on the occult influences on our reality, psychic attacks, and psychic defense. This rewatch made me fall in love with the movie more than ever before in my life.

I’ve been watching many interviews on The Cosmic Switchboard Show especially with guest Eve Lorgen. These discussions were mostly about the many layers of interference humans experience from entities which are not bound by the five physical senses we use to experience 3D reality. “Psychic Self-Dense” by Dion Fortune also fell into my lap as I explored the resources page on

The Craft. I’m not going to go into an entire summary of the film. However, I will point out a few examples from the show which illustrated very real tactics non-humans and humans use through psychic attacks.


Lirio : [to Sara, Bonnie, and Rochelle] True magic is neither black, nor white - it's both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time.

Lirio : [Bonnie and Rochelle laugh. Sara stares, taking in every word of Lirio's speech, as she continues] The only good or bad is in the heart of the witch. Life keeps a balance on its own. You understand?

Rochelle : [giggling] Not really.

[Bonnie laughs. Sara continues to listen patiently to Lirio]

Lirio : [tone becomes slightly stern] Well, then understand this: whatever you send out there you get back times three.

Rochelle : [No longer laughing, but still skeptical, as is Bonnie] Wait, we didn't read that in any book.

Lirio : [Matter-of-fact] No, it's part of a basic spiritual truth. Said in many ways in many faiths: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


The shop owner, Lirio, clearly exemplified a true Witch which is understood to be a person knowledge of occult forces, knowledge of one’s personal power, and knowledge of the Light/Dark.

We see the four witches discover their potential for unleashing their will onto reality. Their choices lead them to Service-To-Self practices which resulted in catastrophes and Nancy’s descent into insanity. This mirrors a person discovering New Age material then fall into many of the traps and flaccid teachings New Age brings. Their innocence of the craft results in using magick principles without embodying the gnosis of reality constructs.

The four witches learn quickly that their power can magnify in returns and it causes Sarah to wake up to the truth that the others were operating from possession.

Nancy and Co were hijacked by occult hostile forces and used their soul-avatar-matrix to unleash demonic energies through them for their arrogance and ignorance was the perfect mixture for a takeover of their complex.

Lirio clearly demonstrated to the girls basic spiritual truths which they had the potential to embody in wisdom by experiencing an initiation via the hostile takeover. We see that it was just Sarah who learned from the events of the film.

Nancy and Co’s attacks on Sarah were on the mental/astral plane. Hallucinations. Using Sarah’s trauma against her. The occult hostile forces also used the trauma within Nancy and Co to manipulate their thoughts and behaviors.

Finally, Sarah truly succeeded and triumphed over the terrors by embodying the FORCE. Using this upgrade to defend herself. She learned from her mistakes and chose the path of evolution. Defeating Nancy proved that Sarah’s invocation is available to all humans by aligning with the FORCE.

The four witches lack of knowledge and psychic self-defense displayed the need for people to learn about how to protect themselves. This film really was truth laced in fiction. The Craft is an instructional video for how to approach reality creation through their ups and downs journeying into truth.

I suggest you watch this to observe very real occult teachings, examples, and warnings.

Psychic attacks from non-humans and humans are of the mental/astral realm which tags into the emotional bodies. The points of entry for occult hostile forces into the human vessel are via unhealed trauma which the wise witch would realize these hostile forces are teaching her about what still lingers in the unconscious waiting for LIGHT.



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