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The Guiding Hand

I spoke about The Guiding Hand in my latest video/episode that I published to The Light Wizards' Bazaar.

This entry, I'll touch a little more on The Guiding Hand.

When I really take as much of an Objective Look and Assessment on my Life...I see The Guiding Hand. That this manifested in Internal Experiences and External Experiences - a synchronization of the two.

As Humans, we are plagued by the cultural, societal, familial, educational, XYZ-al influences and conditioning that create our Personality Construct. Higher Mind is aware of our conditioning and compassionately attempts to help us break out of the mold so we can Individuate into our Essence. I mean...I used to be obsessed with celebrity gossip and I intended to become a celebrity psychologist when I started college in 2009. So! Thankfully, I broke out of that mold.

I even thought that I'd be a fictional author. I wrote my book and tried to get it published. This was before my Evolved Awakening in which my Mediumistic Skills presented themselves to me as I followed the breadcrumb that clairaudiently dropped into my mind tool to begin mediumship. I really thought I would be a NYTimes bestselling author with my book...but Higher Mind had something else planned. Higher Mind allowed me to learn from the experience of writing my book and working the odd jobs to support myself.

It boils down to what we Think we want at a conditioned-personality-level and what our Essence Knows we want at a soul/spirit-level. Higher Mind continuously whispers thoughts to us and gravitates outer experiences to us so we can Align with our Truest Essence.

Grieving the loss of my mother was traumatic and incredibly challenging. Then the trauma-responses I created to soothe that pain augmented my overweight issues into obesity. Years of disastrous thought-emotion-action loops eventually led to me Following the Breadcrumb from Higher Mind to do whatever I could to lose the weight.

This...this Guiding Hand...I really feel like it funnels through the Mind Tool with the small-snippets of insights for us to follow aka breadcrumbs. It isn't the entire picture. It isn't going to make us live in a "safe" life. It isn't going to coddle us and allow us to propegate victim consciousness.

The Guiding Hand wants us to ACTIVATE our GOD-POTENTIAL. To Realize our Creativity that is of the GODFORCE / Holy Nature FIRE. It is for us to take responsibility for our thought-emotion-action loops so we are not stuck operating in an Android State of Existence.

I can retrospectively see how my life would've manifested dramatically different if I never listened to the breadcrumbs that plopped into my mind tool.

Everything I did, that led me to where I am today and develop into who I am today, was because of Acting on Inspiration.

It isn't a Hollywoodified tale. My work, my writings, and my episodes are not for those stuck in the Hollywood-Is-King mindtrap. I love going to the movies so don't get me wrong. But you really need to have an understanding about movie production, business, and all other operations that go into making a movie to sell tickets and products. ESPECIALLY concerning the perceptions broadcasted inaccurrately to depict PSYCHISM.

The Guiding Hand also leads us to challenges because we really get to see what we're made of when we are confronted with a problem that needs a solution. My Psychic Development Circle discusses Intuition and how following Intuitive Guidance doesn't mean that we won't be drawn to challenges.

I received inspiration and breadcrumbs that radically shaped my life when I was immersed in a Challenge. The Challenge create the FIRE for Transformation and led me to Receive the Inspiration to create something new.

The Guiding Hand is and was and will always be there for us. We just need to cultivate a healthy self-esteem and Align with our Truest Essence to ACT on INSPIRATION. To follow the breadcrumbs which will marry with an External Synchronicity.

It is our Psychic Development that brings us closer to Self and to align more intimately with our Optimal Path.


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