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The Horror Genre Takes PSYCHISM Seriously | Spiritual Warrior

It is just a few days until Halloween 2023 and I am reflecting on all of the television/film I watched this spooky season which led me to conclude that the Horror Genre takes PSYCHISM seriously.

Unfortunately, the taint of wickedness overlays onto Psychic and Mediumistic Work since this genre is full of gore, evil, and Darkness which may cause a person to perceive PSYCHISM as a disconnection from the True Light, Holy Nature, Natural Awareness, GodForce. But, the Psychic Medium is crucial to certain media to move the plot forward, provide clues, and to positively influence the protagonists.

The Psychic Medium in the Horror Genre advises the main characters since he/she is of PSYCHISM - Knowledge, Wisdom, and Skill. I'm honing in on the Supernatural Horror media and this is one of my favorite genres! Now...I do close my eyes since I cannot stand jump scares...which is why I certainly enjoy to read Supernatural Horror Books more so than withstanding the sounds and images displayed on the black mirror.

Why is it that the Psychic Medium cannot be portrayed in the True Light as a great asset, tool, and profession? I contemplated this a lot last night during the 10/28/23 Lunar Eclipse. Ultimately...I realized that the Psychic Medium in Horror is one of the Heroes. A Fearless character ready to shine LIGHT onto the Darkness. I could go more into detail about my ideas concerning the reasons as to why Psychic Mediums are prominent in Horror and not given the opportunity to be a Force of LIGHT in other genres...but I find that this spooky season is to show me the Spiritual Warrior of the Psychic Medium in Horror.

There are Horror Flicks that portray the Dark Medium such as in Hereditary, but I'm focusing on the Positive, Benevolent FORCE of the Psychic Medium whose abilities are paramount to understand the supernatural forces interwoven throughout the landscape.

The Others. The Medium in this film illustrates the Wise Crone. Her skills are appreciated by those around her who requested her talents to help tie together clues as to why the house was experiencing haunting activity. She gave the audience the shock of a lifetime to find out that Nicole Kidman's character and her children were ghosts. She...she was of the Craft.

The Craft. The store owner is another Wise Crone. She advises the protagonist, Sarah, on the nuances and workings of Magic while expressing her Mediumistic Skills as she often connected to Sarah's mother in Spirit.

Insidious. This spooky season was the first time that I watched any of the films from the Insidious series. The first movie was terrifying and I enjoyed it very much! Then I watched the second film and the most recent addition to the series that came out in 2023. Elise was instrumental in helping the family discover the supernatural dilemma that plagued their lives. She was FEARLESS. This movie actually inspired me to write my blog entry concerning parents helping their psychic and mediumistic children since Insidious revolved around a child's astral projection skills. Oh man...this was a scare, but with symbolic meaning that will forever be held dearly in my memory banks.

Charmed. may know that this is my favorite television show. I won't go into great detail since my viewing of Charmed isn't tethered to the Halloween season. However, Phoebe's premonitions are one of the GREATEST examples of PSYCHISM. I also love how Premonition is the power that many Light & Dark Forces covet.

Final Destination. I haven't seen this series during this spooky time. But! Premonitions once again.

Poltergeist. Tangina. The Medium in film I aspire to be like the most. "Let's go get your daughter." Bone Chilllllls. Fearless, a Spiritual Warrior, and a fantastic example of a Psychic Medium anchoring the LIGHT.

True Blood Season 4. I wrote an entry about the Wounded Medium Marnie. Her mediumistic skills displayed when she read Sookie was incredibly accurate. You can check out that entry for my reflections, but I did watch that season again this month and it was dynamically synchronistic and meaningful to me.

American Horror Story: Coven. I speed watched this season again for the 1000000th time. The illustrations and principles in Coven are magnificent and profound. The SIGHT is excellently demonstrated by Cordelia Goode. Also, Divination is a skill that is included in the Test of Seven Wonders. The Salem Witches realized how important it was for a Supreme Witch to master this ability since it aids in the protection of the Coven.

Drag Me To Hell. This is one of my FAVORITE movies to watch during the Halloween Season. The Seer and the Medium portrayed are fantastic. Their skills are used and honored despite Justin Long's character who is warped by materialism delusion. Even though the ending was...sour to the heart...this film provides the audience with the Power of PSYCHISM.

There are more excellent Psychic Mediums in supernatural horror, but the listings above are what wanted to stream through me this morning following my morning bike session.

Powerful Woman (Final Destination 1 & Drag Me To Hell features men of PSYCHISM) who are Wise, Skilled, and true expressions of the Spiritual Warrior.

If you can withstand the experience of Supernatural Horror Movies/Television then I recommend you take note of the excellency of these Psychic Mediums who are intimately woven into the story and are necessary aids to the protagonists. I realized that I really am fan of the Horror Genre even if I scream at a jump scare.


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