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The Language of the Psyche | Psychic

This trip contains chords interlinking the psychic wiring between humans that were electromagnetically attracted to one another by the Ultimate Psyche - Higher Mind. A fractal shimmering the macro through reflecting light onto the micro shards.

I had the pleasure of connecting with ensouled humans who are aligned with a similar intention. All different sizes, shapes, and colors blended in the Psychic Forces of their Spirit/Body/Mind Complexes then projected into a physical perception via their flesh, garments, and accessories. Humans - or an Earthly Form birthed by union of Higher Mind, Divine Creativity, and a Planetary Consciousness. It's as if Spirit impregnated the lands, seas and skies of the Earth.

What comes to mind is Gigi Young's series of videos detailing the Spiritual Sciences and Humanity's Spiritualized Evolution (amongst many other highly respected videos).

Clearly...I am in a mystical mood! The Mysteries inquired through The Mystic Archetype. I never really thought of myself expressing the Archetypal Pattern of The Mystic. I definitely observed attributes of The Hermit. It was until I really examined my life through decoding the qualities of The Hermit and The Mystic that I had an epiphany. I realized that my perceptions of The Mystic were formed through modern culture as well as the stories of history. I realized that I was focusing too much on the outward expression of The Mystic in figures on the world's stage. I had to look for The Mystic through the expression of my current incarnation.

Myss's Sacred Contracts was a stepping stone to reawaken aspects of my soul mission through following the inspirational breadcrumbs to submerge into the depths of what Jung shared with the collective. Sacred Contracts was the encouraging jump! An inviting appetizer! It was just scratching the surface and it mirrored the deepening of my skills as I read more, learn more, and examine myself along with inspired action.

I realized that my life is leading me into healing the collective perceptions of the Psychic Art so the individual can perceive oneself refined via a greater magnifying lens.

I was around people from individual walks of life who engaged with cultivating their skills and talents to share with the world. It was just like in The Lord Of The Rings when they formed the fellowship! Unified under one intention and bringing the best of themselves.

Reading Myss & Jung this was the Psychic Forces of Life without any unconscious contraction as my perceptions of the Psychic aren't conditioned with a purpose to cloak the Intuitive Instrument within every individual.

This...and you can tell by my writing! I was in the zone - the writing day-dream / trance state - the consciousness style to access a stronger force of the Psychic Art Mind. I'd say it is like how to read Hieroglyphics. It's difficult to conceptualize a group of humans using symbols as a language that was able to express the intended communications of the conscious mind. How could a series of symbols actually develop a prosperous society?

Psychic/Psyche. The language of the Psyche.


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