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The Psychic Wiring Book

This evening, I journaled in my BOOK. The Book that captures my memories, intuiting, insights, and journeys. My Black Book of the now while a few of my previous Books were binders using old scrap, unlined paper and sketch books bound by bright colors. My Books are always sketch books - free of lines. But...this evening I felt the need to listen to Higher Mind's directions from this morning's bike session.

I needed to have a new, separate Book to document my Psychic Wiring workings.

I've consistently kept documenting my journeys since Fall 2009 after I saw the Wolf stare at me in my freshman year's dorm room mirror. Although I never nor currently write in my Book everyday, I always come to the blank pages to store my experiences. The Mirror Book.

Well...I finished journaling and then felt the need to get my Psychic Wiring Book. I wasn't feeling inspired to run out to a store. I wasn't feeling an urge to create a book using my scrap paper stored in my craft drawers.

Then it came to me! I turned my chair around at my desk and found a book gifted to me some time ago. It was waiting for today's direction to birth this book into the Psychic Wiring Book.

This isn't my typical choice. I like larger sketch books. I prefer unlined paper. I'm very simple when it comes to my Book...but this was calling my name.

I unbound this book and I felt welcomed by the lined paper. The soft cover. The texture of the pages. It was a match made in heaven for this intention.

I wanted a Psychic Wiring Book to store my experiences working with the Unconscious - The Archetypes and Patterns of the Psyche. Wisdom from my sessions. Personal intuiting regarding Archetypes, Patterns, and Symbology. Real life examples. Research Higher Mind directs me to discover.

I love documenting everything! This is why I know my Craft. I study myself and my experiences using my psychic and mediumistic skills. The Book is for that, but this Psychic Wiring Book is specialized.

Usually in my Book writings I use markers to create a border. Maybe colored pens to write or a standard pen. I make journaling an artistic experience.

The Psychic Wiring Book's first entry was to dedicate its speciality and it was decorated with colored pencils.

I worked with colored pencils today as my friend came over for Craft Time.

The wood! The soft and yet bold colors. The magic pencil.

The Psychic Wiring Book.

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