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6:55am 8-4-22

The Retreat.

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce my readers to Dr. Pamela Wible at She found me through her internet searches, or the Divine found me for her, and she booked an appointment with me back in late March. She disclosed to me that she is assisting physicians to overcome their traumas induced by the system. I can’t even write about her pristine, angelic presence and her depth of emotional, spiritual, mental, psychological, and spiritual intelligence. Part of her work involves working a free suicide hotline for doctors which only adds to the presence she has within this realm to assist HEALERS.

She eventually contacted me again to host a group mediumship reading over Zoom and that entailed a beautiful experience for all of us as we witnessed EVIDENCE of consciousness existing outside of the body. This eventually led her to reaching out to me so I may have an opportunity to hold a group mediumship demonstration for the brave SOULS who are wishing to embrace their intuitive healing abilities as they embark on shifting from one paradigm to another.

8/3/22 was the group mediumship reading and it encapsulated all of the dynamics of mediumship.

After the session, we went to the top of a mountain and I chatted with a woman who was interested in learning about my journey. The small moments together quickly involved me detailing to her my download in 2017 to begin mediumship which led me to reaching out to one of my greatest teachers and psychics whom I speak about at length throughout my work.

Interestingly, this person had her residency on Long Island. Oh? She asked me the name of the intuitive I went to for guidance about my download. Marie. Then her eyes opened and we both said Marie’s last name at the same time.

Marie not only was a PIVOTAL influence in my life. Someone who greatly enhanced my experience and helped me to heal many wounds. Marie was also a PIVOTAL influence for this brilliant person who sat before me at this picnic table on top of a mountain in Oregon. Marie helped her throughout her residency to process the immense trauma.




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