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The Warrior & The Lover Archetypes

I'm nearly finished with Beth Marten's book Journey: A Map Of Archetypes To Find Lost Purpose In A Sea Of Meaninglessness. The read and the information is so excellent that I don't want it to end! I'm about to finish The King chapter and move onto the last Archetype in the book...The Alchemist Archetype. Synchronicity at its finest. How this book came into my life, the Eclipse, and then a revelation that I've been seeing and perceiving Archetypes throughout my entire Psychic Career.

I feel compelled to discuss The Warrior & The Lover Archetypes. I just finished a great work out - my morning bike session and my Tuesday strength training.

I feel like the time period from 2018 to the middle of 2023 was The Warrior Archetype taking reigns of my life - the Driver. I had to Construct and Formulate a Service. I needed to push through Cognitive Dissonance to peel back the layers of our reality to align with the Golden Stream of Truth. I had to fortify my Mental, Emotional, and Physical Aspects of myself so I can have the foundation of Self-Esteem to traverse this world to share my skills and talents.

The past few days were of me working with The Child Archetype, however, I feel like that I need only to mention that without discussing it further. I'll just say that this Archetype helped me call forth my Sovereignty to step further into the established Warrior Archetype and then call in The Lover Archetype (which has always been there just like every Archetype).

The Warrior - The SPIRITUAL Warrior. The Witch of the Wood - The Light Wizard - The Wise Man/Woman.

The last 5 years were for me to BUILD. To put the effort into my work. To do whatever I had to do so I can fortify my being with Strength. It was incredibly difficult to embrace the Great Inner Work. To allow aspects of my Underworld / Unconscious to surface all while facing the Reality of our World. The Human Species is going through a major transition and I'm not aligning with the "Ascension" Schemes running amok through New Age Circles. Yes, I do feel like there is a New Energy coming here, but the Schemes are watering down this concept to become a click-bait foolish marketing scheme.

The New Energy is here, but the Human Species has a lot of WORK to be done. The WORK of The Warrior Archetype.

I launched two new services in the last few days. Over the Summer, I also raised my services' fees a bit to reflect my Knowledge, Wisdom, Experience, and my Craft. I aligned with the healthy expression of The Warrior Archetype and now, this morning and yesterday, I'm graced by The Lover Archetype.

The Lover. I had a touch of this Archetype during the summer when I felt like I was moving into The Service Stage of my life. Now! Now it is coming to my Conscious Mind to work with. Beth even has The Lover Archetype follow the chapter of The Warrior Archetype. I HIGHLY recommend you purchase her book so I won't spoil anything. Seriously, I recommend this book to all who I feel like would benefit. Many of them ordered the book!

The Lover Archetype is calling forth my HEART and the Love I can share with those I work with. I'm really aligned more with how intimate a session is with a client and how impactful a reading can be once a client truly understands what I can offer them.

A Love that is bound by the commonality of being a part of the Human Species. That we are all here - we are all here with varying levels of Soul Embodiment and Consciousness. We are here to align with our Individual Optimal Path and share ourselves with those who request.

Especially with Mediumship! The LOVE I can be for Spirits who desperately wish for their loved ones on Earth that they are very much alive. To provide Glimmers of Spirits' Essences. To Love my fellow Humans so much to Renegade against the Propaganda and Conditioning from all those who declare PSYCHISM as Impossible.

I already enjoyed doing readings. But...but now there is a touch of my HEART. I'm not saying I was like the Grinch before his heart HEART has grown!

The Love from the Spirit Realm. I don't know quite exactly what the Spirit Realm is. I'm still a student and I don't claim to be a Spiritual Teacher...But the LOVE I feel after every Mediumship Reading - the Connectedness - the chords of Light binding all of us is The Lover Archetype.

Moving from The Warrior to The Lover. Building the business and services. Fortifying my Will. Strengthening my Mind/Body/Soul Complex. Purging unhealthy undercurrents from my Unconscious. Traversing this world to share my skills, energy, and time. Hours, Days, Months, and Years into developing my Craft. All this now leads to embracing my HEART and feeling The Lover Archetype work with me as I care so deeply about all those I get to work with who feel like I am able to assist them with my services.

[As I looked through Wix to choose this entry's cover photo....The TIGER popped into my Mind Tool as another way to perceive this Transition from The Warrior to The Lover.]


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