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Until The Light: Weight Loss & Creation.

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

"...Cause we live free...until the light..."

This song was introduced to me in late 2017 around the time that I had my tummy tuck. I was drawn to listen to this song during my morning walk which followed my morning bike session.

I'm drawn to tie this song into our current experiences where we may have a habitual urge to not engage with transformation - to give up on moving forward when it seems that all is lost.

My weight loss journey, both of them, taught me the power of aligning our Will, Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions toward a goal. A goal that we can attain by following a POA - plan of action. To witness our Creative Power translate into this dimension that we can apply to any area of our lives.

I remember complaining about my obesity and being enveloped with jealousy toward those who continually focus on their fitness. I am not talking about the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome here which is something I also fell into that Hell Mind. I am highlighting the powerful benefits of exercise that initiates our Creative Power to bring forth what the Divine wishes to use through us as an instrument.

I finally reached a point when I was ready to cease all jealousy and complaints. To stop allowing myself to be immersed in a Hell Mind that was designed to destroy my Creative Power. Divine Grace then aligned an Exercise Physiologist into my life that educated me on the basics of exercise and nutrition. A healthy space to move into a deeper connection with self.

I spoke about my weight loss journeys many times and the first one was when I was fifteen. I had two years of grieving the loss of my mother and was left with the aftermath of over consumption of disastrous foods and inactivity. I had to bring forth the courage to ask my father to assist me with my weight loss journey.

I was sincere in my asking - in my request for help. I was illuminated with my thought-emotion-action loops that were maintaining the Hell Mind so that I can begin the process of sacrificing those loops. The Divine then Graced me with positive synchronicities to align the exercise physiologist into my life.

This post is about our rejection of the habitual urge to maintain the Hell Mind. The mind that destroys our ability to use our Will to Create change.

When we are Sincere with our Asking. When we decide to ask the GodForce for assistance...then we are given a breadcrumb to follow. Our action to follow the breadcrumb opens up doors from within the Unknown to create a catalyst for change.

May we decide to engage with our Creative Power while embodying the Courage and Bravery to face our challenges head on. We may have a day where we fall back in the habitual complaining and jealousy...but it will dissolve as we decide to continue with change.

It isn't easy, but we don't have to do it alone because we are never alone. We are always in communication with the Divine and prayer will help us sacrifice what is needed within our thought-emotion-action loops while greeting the positive synchronicities from the Divine.


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