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What makes a Great Psychic Medium?

The Profession of Psychic & Mediumistic Work is the same as every other field of profession. What makes a mechanic better than the other? What makes a hair stylist better than the other? What makes a doctor better than the other?

As you may know about me by now...I am passionate about dissolving the misperceptions, assumptions, and falsities about psychic and mediumistic work so that people can conceptualize, understand, and perceive the Reality of the Sacred Intuitive Arts.

This early afternoon, I was reading, annotating, and taking notes from Jung's book titled The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious. Higher Mind led me to pull this book off of my book shelf and I purchased this book in 2022. My Psychic Wiring service is intimately tied to the wiring of archetypal expression and the realm of the unconscious. I had my Psychic Wiring Book out to record my understandings and then to write down, verbatim, the words of Jung from this book. I think that I would've become a Jungian Psychologist if life didn't unfold the series of events to lead me onto my current path and my work.

To make a Great Psychic must Know Thyself and Know Thy Craft.

I speak and write a lot about how I am always learning about my skills. I study my readings. I theorize, contemplate, and dissect my work as I write in my Black Book journal. My healthy logic mind reviews transcripts from my readings. I do this because I want to become better and better at my Craft and my Services. To offer more to my clients.

A Psychic Medium begins his/her journey as a neophyte. The more the psychic medium learns and acquires wisdom from experiences then the psychic medium progresses to the Adept level.

The Psychic Medium must do the Great Inner Work. To Know Thyself. To learn about his/her Conscious and Subconscious Minds. The more the psychic medium is engaging with the Great Inner Work...then the more dimensions of psychic fields immerse and surround the psychic medium. This work is ultimately about Consciousness.

I reflect on my beginning professional years which began in 2018. My readings evolved to reflect the time that passed, my studies, and my personal healing journey. I believe that I did good work when I began, but now I feel like my work has elevated to a higher expression to offer more to my clients.

A Psychic Medium not engaging in the Great Inner Work, studies, and personal evolution will not reach the heights of Service as those who are deeply tied to the Inner Scientific Mystic.

To make a Great Psychic Medium requires dedication and commitment to Life, the Divine, and Knowledge. To absorb the Knowledge. To synthesize the Knowledge. To extract Wisdom from experience.

A Psychic Medium can still serve without doing the above...but the reading will remain stagnate at a stage unequipped to process the dimensions of Consciousness influencing and interacting with humans.

This work is a Profession that is purposefully hidden and distorted to the majority of humans. The Great Psychic Medium is a researcher and an explorer. Exploring the Fields of the Unconscious and the Subtext layering the perceived External World.


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