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Why I Do Readings

It is a Sunday morning, I'm barely through my first cup of coffee, and I'm feeling the writer bug's bite! I'm going to detail a few reasons as to why I do Readings. Why do I Read? I'm writing to the reader who is interested in the life of a developed, practicing psychic medium. To the reader who understands PSYCHISM. To the reader who understands that there is much more to the world than the surface layer of mainstream society - a reality beneath the tip of an iceberg.

To the reader who can Hear me without the societal, cultural, and educational conditioning overtaking the eyes that reads this entry. I think it is fair to say that a reader who takes time to venture to my blog is moving into a more expansive awareness compared to the gaslighting, psychological manipulation broadcasted by our institutions declaring PSYCHISM as impossible.

Oh lawwwwddd...I am writing to the Scientific Mystic dwelling within you. To the Restored Healthy Logic Mind and Psychic Art Mind. To the Spirit housed in your physicality.

Number 1

I genuinely wish to help people. I observed how my Mind Tool receives information pertaining to a person's life path as well as making a connection to consciousness no longer encased in physicality aka Spirit. Energetic Data that floods into my Mind Tool and the information is Useful. The information is of Value. The information is Accurate when understood through the knowledge of authentic PSYCHISM.

I witnessed how I was able to help one person so my Inner Scientific Mystic realized the simple equation that 1+1=2. It is a repeatable, reproducible process. My journey helped me realize that I am to trust what I am actually experiencing compared to the dictation from institutions that this is all child's play. (You know...when I just wrote "child's play"...I just had a realization. Chucky the Killer Doll from the Child's Play series haunts my nightmares. I just had a lightning bolt of awareness realizing that Chucky is symbolizing the external world's dictations that my work is child's play. Interesting...I'll need to journal about that and I'm going to leave this realization in the entry.)

I did get my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I tried working in that field, but I left when I was exposed to the mechanics and underpinnings of the mental health field pertaining to taking advantage of vulnerable people. Promising them sweet nothings. Just having them sign documents so that the organization could bill the insurance companies. It was despicable so I quickly learned that this field was not for me unless I wanted to divorce myself from my inner moral compass.

"I helped this person so I can help this other person." I learned that my way of helping is through LIGHT aka Information. I'm not a therapist. I am a Tool. Receiving information is helpful, useful, and are clues for life's path. I'm also a Tool for Spirits so mediumship does provide evidential information along with messages. I am the Divination Mirror, a Portal, a Microphone.

When you correctly develop your PSYCHISM, your Heart expands and you can not turn away from the suffering, pain, and heartache of the people of this world. You are not living in Delusion nor Fantasy. You see this world more clearly and feel the need to Help your fellow humans.

Number 2

This work is FASCINATING. I have a trunk full and a growing shelf housing my journals documenting my journey since Fall 2009.

The image of a psychic medium in the mainstream world went through many iterations. Now the image is of a blonde bimbo living in Austin, TX who offers delusional manifestation workshops and energy readings without the Inner Scientific Mystic driving the car. PSYCHISM is also depicted as demonic as well as technologically induced. All mechanisms trying to divorce a human from his/her birthright. This is why I really do keep to myself because 90% of what is broadcasted is delusion. However! There are very real and authentic practitioners of PSYCHISM who I greatly respect!

I documented my progress. I asked questions! My brain hurt trying to decipher the meaning of this work...trying to understand how it works!...trying to make sense of it all without a teacher.

Life and my Experience became my teachers. I really needed to see the REALITY of Psychic and Mediumistic Skills. To de-condition myself from the Lies in media. To be able to explain these skills in a condensed fashion so I can help a potential client understand what to expect which is why I have the Experience page on my website and I give a five minute or so opening speech at the beginning of a reading.

I dedicated my life to studying my skills because I am my own best test subject!

Number 3

Readings are a space for my skills to erupt in an augmentation where my entire Mind/Body/Spirit complex becomes a TOOL. A charge! An electrifying stream! A disassociation from my human life so I can become an Antenna. Selfishly...I cannot do what I do during a reading for someone else for myself. I cannot burst into a funnel of cosmic streams when I wish to receive information for myself.

Readings allow me to experience something that is almost akin to a drug. Not for you to misinterpret what I'm saying...but comparing it to a drug can kind of get the meaning across. It is a Rush! It is a Roller Coaster! It is Exhilarating! I observe my entire Human Complex shift into an Instrument which receives an Orchestration of Impressions.

Yes, I absolutely want to help those who ask for my help. However...I selfishly and eagerly wish to see what happens! My inner Scientist geeks out!

Number 4

I do readings to also assist humanity's evolution. If you've come to my blog then I'm going to assume that you are aware of the decay of our species as well as you are aware that we must all find a way to meet on common ground to build a new world. The Human Species is plagued by deep psychological operations originating from thousands of years ago. We clearly are not living in Heaven. However, there is a purpose to this experience and not all hope is lost. But! We cannot be naive nor living in child's play. This is a giant battle between the Light & the Dark.

Humans have an aspect of themselves deleted. Their intuitive muscle atrophied. Their minds are wiped of the knowledge of PSYCHISM. It is a mess. I am not a spiritual teacher by any means. However, integrating the REALITY of Psychic & Mediumistic skills, that are free of the delusion broadcasting, will absolutely assist our evolution.

It is funny...a severe skeptic (who is absolutely controlled by the agendas of Darkness) would lost his/her mind when I give them an 8 hour lecture, provide them with exercises, then observe him/her actively providing accurate Psychic Information. You can teach anyone the basics of learning the Piano, but just not everyone will be good at it - which does not mean that a person cannot learn the basics to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb".

Humans are divided on every topic. Distracted upon distracted. Caught in despair, pain, and horror. All done by masterful controllers profiting off of the decay of the human species. It is plainly obvious. Terrifying. But! If we can see Darkness then we know what we are facing then we have an opportunity to create solutions to help humanity evolve into Harmony. Our population is so easily...manipulated. I wish it wasn't so, but not realizing this blatant fact is...oh boy.

I really try to contain my conspiracy mind to not lose people. My "tin foil hat" was formed by YEARS of engaging with that which the world says is fake, impossible, nonexistent. But! My conspiracy mind is grounded and not fooled by the click-bait conspiracy videos. This topic is huge and too much to discuss.

My point is is that if you just look at our population then you can clearly see the division, pain, distraction which prevents us from Uniting on a Soul Level as we begin to purify the tentacles of manipulation.

My piece of the puzzle is to just be an example of a person who studied and practiced the Intuitive Instrument.

I do Readings because this is what I have to offer my fellow humans.


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