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Yellow Bear: Persistence & Acceptance

11:09am 8-6-22


I’m swarmed with imagery of the Yellow Ranger and the Bear Zord. This imprint cascaded my systems while I immersed myself in the steam while treating myself to the spa. August 2022’s forecast was dawned in YELLOW. My August 2022 is about birthing the Yellow Bear.

The sensations I experienced along with thoughts impressing into my mind were all housed in reviewing mind movie clips of the Yellow Ranger from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie. I just am swimming in this bubble! It won’t leave.

Breaking down the symbology…it is the Bear Totem persisting to express through the lens of the Yellow Ranger. High pressurized moments of confronting an interdimensional threat. Dispelling FEAR. Invoking STABILITY. Anchoring BRAVERY. Transforming ENERGY. Realizing that any threat can be met with an electrical charge to overwhelm the opponent when the avatar is grounded in the HEART.

BEAR usually presents as the archetypal energy in a reading while also illuminating its environment and movement. It is more than just an image of a BEAR. It is the illustration of how the energy is alive and interacting with destiny points to produce an array of free will choices that can enable the avatar to embody the perseverance necessary to realize BEAR in personal experience.

For you reading this post! I didn’t forget about you! How oh how….how have you been shackled to the INVERSION of BEAR? Inversion expressing as an unwillingness to wake up out of hibernation then navigate the world. How are you suffocating yourself in your bubble of comfortability? How can you realize the internal strength required to face FEAR’S tentacles and puppeteering?

The first strategy seeping through to my awareness is…”man-ing up”. Meaning, look at your life how it is without sugarcoating. This isn’t an excuse for you to beat yourself up. It is a directive to establish the fortitude to greet BEAR as an invitation to speak up and to take action. It is the blend of voicing your power to defend yourself along with igniting the passion mindscape to willingly act on defending your territory that is not tethered to a story told to prevent you from strengthening your ability to not give up.

How are you going to no longer give up?

The second strategy is to focus on ONE task at a time. BEAR is to give all attention to one ACT and to illuminate one THOUGHT PATTERN that is maintaining your current materialized reality.

The third strategy is to resist giving your psychic ears to those thoughts that depict a tale of disempowerment to thwart your magical talents of bringing the dream world into physicalized experiences.

How are you going to decide to not pay attention to those self-talk tales of misery?

The fourth strategy is to define yourself as a FORCE willing and able to bulldoze resistance to you accepting your current reality as a clay ready to mold to your will.

Slowly, but surely…you will be BEAR.



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