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7/10/22 Sunday Newsletter | Observation & Repetition! Reverse Quicksand.

Hello, Newsletter Light Wizards!

This week...what if a challenge awaits us to invoke the fiery solar plexus - the will zone - through acknowledging a possible choice to perceive everything as serving us.

This challenge attempts to pierce our habitual thoughts which we deem as beliefs. This challenge offers the opportunity for life to show itself as a holographic dream realm whispering to us subtle ideas to transmute our pain into the phoenix.

I find that striving to build a new habit of thought is strange to us because it isn't like building a habit of action. We are so used to our mental realm swallowing our moment to moment stream of life. We are almost stuck in a quicksand that slowly captures our movement so that we are locked within the confines of the gravitating construct.

Mental observation skills are crucial for the path to embody the highest potential. Many spiritual teachers speak about observing and not identifying with the mind. This is so useful and actual is important for developing any meta-cognition successfully and usefully. We have to 'see' the transcript of our thoughts as a foundation to determine the best course of action to decipher the projections, investigating unhealed trauma wounds and responses, as well as determining how much self-love weighs against self-hate.

Building a new thought pattern really is about repetition. It is about observing the script and then slowly replacing the negative self-talk with positive self-talk. This isn't designed to ignore challenges. This is to reinforce a habit of self-encouragement - becoming one's most proud and loud cheerleader!

THIS TAKES TIME. There will be moments when you are so severely triggered which is when you are instructed to take a deep belly breath and observe how your thoughts habitually produce either self-love or self-hate thoughts. Redirecting the thought loops to realizing the problem and to reinforce the knowledge that a solution will be channeled through your being as you adapt to this new shift.

When you are inflicted with an event triggering your shadow as well as encountering a deeply impactful are to simply allow your energy system recognize this frequency drop which alerts your conscious mind via the stream of healthy negative emotions responding to the event. Feel the anger, sadness, annoyance, XYZ. Hold your body steady through deep belly breaths. Observe the thoughts. Resist reacting physically (obviously dependent on each situation especially if responding to physical attacks onto you from another). Contain your energy system recognition of the low vibration energy and the transmutation of the negative emotion will rise to clarity and serenity via the natural energetic cleanse to return to homeostasis.

In other words, this week is to see if we can just begin pondering the idea that everything has a possibility to serve you and your evolution. That there is a possibility for you to create something wonderful by healing the seen and unseen scars. That you can absolutely breach your current cage through acting on inspiration by adapting to your current situation to pave the path to wholeness.


As for me! I'm just really digging the work by Dr. Sue Morter. I've been drawn to interviews of her speaking about how we are really just compressed cosmic energy materialized in physical form with a purpose for soul evolution through transmuting the perception of events and of ourselves.




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