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Before & After Readings

I'm going to detail my process and experience before and after readings.

When a client schedules a session, I am flooded with psychic and/or mediumistic impressions prior to the session. Within 6 to 12 hours of the reading is when I am greeted by Energies not bound to my spirit-mind-body complex. I learned that a reading begins hours before a reading rather than when the scheduled time begins.

I schedule my readings to ensure that there is enough time between each session and I won't schedule more than 2 hours of reading time per day. I exercise in the morning of each reading day (as well as just a regular exercise practice regardless of readings scheduled) to ensure that my electrical charge is strengthened and I use that time to allow my mind to wander into the imaginative realms. I try to steer clear from engaging with challenges so my Mind Tool is more free of my Jake-Ego mind chatter. I am just an Instrument and my Mind Tool is my Asset.

Psychic-focused sessions involve the auric bio-field of the client interweaving with my psychic antenna. The morning of a reading involves an overlay of my client's energy and I pay attention to the thoughts that are popping into my head which I know I did not manufacture - I Received these impressions.

Mediumistic-focused sessions contains a 'Greeter Period' which is when spirits meet my energy field and begin to learn how best to use my lens of perception and frame of reference. They are introducing their energy fields to mine and preparing for the reading. I receive glimpses of spirits and I am impressed with their information. My body is beginning to register the new energy and preparing for the high-volume of spirit energy.

I would say that each reading adds an additional 2 to 3 hours of prep work before the session begins. My goal is to provide information for clarity, guidance, and healing and the many years of engaging with my skills taught me how best to become an Instrument and a Tool. I must quiet my mental chatter and remain steady in emotional neutrality so I am disassociated from my waking life so I may enter the Psychic Work Stream. I am still conscious, but I am entering a state where I am greeted by psychic and mediumistic impressions that must be noted.

After each reading, I disengage from the energy as I begin to send the files. I upload the audio to the transcription service while uploading pictures of anything I write down. This is also when I observe my body's tiredness and my energy depleted. Mediumistic readings drain my energy more which results in a common headache. I'll then send over the files once the transcript is completed. I ensure that I am clear of any energetic chords tying me to my client and/or spirits so I may return back to my Jake-Ego construct.

The next 2 to 3 hours after a session is for me to recover my energy which is essential if I have more than one reading scheduled that day. I usually will rest my eyes or try to nap in-between sessions for 45 minutes or so. A 60 minute reading, especially involving mediumship, feels like a 60 minute intense exercise program. I don't feel the tiredness during the session, but once the link is disconnected between me and my client...I am smacked with the depletion.

A scheduled 60 minute reading adds an average of 2 hours before the reading and then 2 hours after the reading. 1 hour of a scheduled session is actually 5 hours of work for me. Group readings...that is a different story. I block two to three days on my calendar following a group because the recovery period is intensified.

My years of professional experience reading for people taught me a lot about this Craft. I learned about the delicacy of this work and how it influences a client's life as well as the consciousness of spirit. It is a professional service that is valued by my dedication and commitment. I do not take this work lightly and I ensure that I am giving my clients all of my best and to ensure a genuine experience.


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