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Broader Spectrum! Invitation To Personal Psychic Experience.

6-20-22 11am

Integrating the reality of mediumistic abilities…or should I say: integrating a broader spectrum of reality into your everyday life requires a slice of humble pie to be eaten delicately, graciously, and expressively.

The ‘3D Conspiracies’ laid out before our eyes are just the bare minimum exposure to the full spectrum of reality experience. Sure, the blatant censorship and gaslighting from the world’s governments and NGOs is certainly jarring as you gaze upon the theatre of the world stage. However, focusing on just the human theatrics disillusions you from that which wishes to grace your awareness.

Professionally reading over the last 4.5 years opened my eyes to the subtle forces interfacing with this illusionary physical world. Working with people across the globe shows me the breath of human experience and the chords connecting us ‘physical’ people with the energies outside the visible eye spectrum. This awareness elevates our experience as we unplug from the madness of 3D into an integration of the higher worlds. This is birthing Heaven on Earth.

I can detail you the nuances of psychic and mediumistic abilities. I can make you laugh with the most seemingly random information that pops into my head with an accompanying validation from a client. I can dazzle you with my day-dreams providing actual information. I can do XYZ.

None of this matters until you have a personal experience with the Divine through your metaphysical senses.

Having a session with a developed medium can absolutely shift your paradigm, assist you with asking new questions, heal caverns of wounds, and excite you with the thought of the soul’s immortality. Experiencing a reading is a catalyzing point in time for a person as long as they begin to search for a path to integrate a broader spectrum of reality.

For you reading this post, Light Wizard, it is time for you to honor a quest given to you in which you embody the courage and discipline to develop your metaphysical senses. My abilities are natural to you. Your abilities are waiting nourishment and care.

Unplug from the misconceptions, misrepresentations, myths, XYZ. Unplug from the programmed belief that you are not a psychic and mediumistic being. Unplug from the world stage whispering materialism to you through the Church of $cientism. Unplug from the ancestral foundations within your DNA compacted with thousands of years of confusion. Unplug from the false understanding that you are not a supreme sixth-sense being of the Force.

How do I integrate this into my everyday life? The novelty of my abilities faded away as it becomes just another aspect of my life. The beginning of my reading career was full of excitement and I still do get goosebumps after each reading. However, I just Know that I am a psychic and mediumistic being living in a world where other psychic and mediumistic beings are unaware of their ability to sense. I am focusing more on the understanding of how my life is interwoven with every person on this planet. How my energy influences the external world. How I am capable of Great Goodness and Great Badness.

I invite you to spark a curiosity within your human avatar as the soul is delightfully awaiting your conscious effort to explore your metaphysical senses.



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