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Download Example & Interfacing ESSENCE

8:11pm 8-4-22

Dazzle me, LIFE! Throughout this ‘Gravitron’ (I keep seeing that fair ride) housing the pull for coinciding coincidences linking our destiny points with free will choices….we are meant to reflect on moments we listened to a seemingly random thought only to be delighted.

Part of the control system is to cloud the mind tool with chaotic images, sounds, XYZ so we are not adept at attuning to the complete interface available to integrate our ESSENCE for a navigation system directing us to trials by fire and an oasis in the desert.

Testing this process out is crucial for beginning to strengthen the muscle of awareness to drops of insights consistently bombarding our energy fields throughout our “waking” lives. This played out within the last hour for me so I shall share this example then weave it into the synchronistic experiences through my day.

I had a spa appointment (treat yo’self!) scheduled prior to a circle housed with the intention to learn from an intuitive eye reader and a true unique BEING! Her name is Laureli and I was able to catch the first half of her talk discussing her life experience leading up to what she does currently. I already contacted her for a session!

Laureli’s website:

I ended my spa session and had a goodnight chat with my love. Then the image of DOLLAR GENERAL floated into my mind scape. Neutral emotion. I engaged with that thought I did not manufacture. I entertained it because I could go for a snack and a delicious walk on highway 101. The pent up electrical charge within my being lit up as I contemplated a 16 minute walk. I went for it.

The walk was as I expected! Sunset on the highway with mountains to my left and the ocean to my right. In the distance, I spotted the yellow DG sign and was eager to browse those aisles with my sweettooth! However…I got to the door and it closed today at 5pm instead of the normal 10pm closing time.

Was this something to be angry about? Sure, I could’ve gone for some treats, but there was an opportunity. I walked back and captured magnificent pictures of the sunset on the ocean through the trees adjacent to the asphalt! BEAUTIFUL.

I knew of a trail that opened up to the shoreline so I followed that path and more and more pictures were snapped. I haven’t walked the Oregon coast at twilight so my eye was golden with nature porn! Snap snap snap and a deeeeep appreciation for life and how much life is a mystery.

So, was that a bad thing that turned out or an excellent one?

To tie this into my events today, I had a discussion with those that I read yesterday. It was to tell my story about coming into my intuitive abilities, creating a business, and to really exemplify the Divine Orchestration. It was wonderful! I really focused in on how many of the events in my life that I hold as treasures….were from me paying attention to those downloads as displayed in my DG anecdote.

The Q&A was also about more of discerning thoughts. I really tried to convey that it takes time, discipline, care, and to build the muscle.

I’m being led to help people discern what thoughts are from you or other.




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