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How To Start Doing Psychic/Mediumistic Work Professionally

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This entry is intended to provide you with a broad spectrum of information that I feel is appropriate if you are hearing your Essence's Call to begin working as a professional psychic/medium.

This work is encoded within your Soul Blueprint and designed for your Optimal Path. There must be a strong Divine Will stream impressing upon your energy field with a psychic knowing that cannot be ignored. I am writing to those who know the truth of their psychic/mediumistic experiences - who received validations of their intuitive insights the moment they are received and as you navigated the river of time.

I ask for you to examine why you wish to do this work. Do you want to assist people on their life's path? Do you want to receive validation for your "specialness"? Do you desire to feel the Divine working through you as you engage with PSYCHISM? Do you want to be the star of a television program? Why are you reading this entry?

You will not be making millions of dollars unless you are willing to sacrifice your integrity to conform to the computerized mediumship template aka the "TV Medium". I am not saying that you will not receive abundance as you share your skills...but I am informing you that Darkness will tempt you with power, sex, money, XYZ so that you disengage with your integrity and authenticity which perverts the sacred intuitive arts.

I am writing to you as a human who realized that Life was teaching me about something that is actively hidden from the population through censoring information. You cannot disengage with knowing about the darkness throughout our world because you are doing this work to shine LIGHT. You will learn about the constructs of society while also ensuring that you are stable so that you do not dive into the depths of "Doom & Gloom". You can easily decide to create a social media platform spewing nonsense, attracting thousands of followers, and pervert the sacred intuitive arts.

Darkness desires for humans to divorce themselves from their Optimal Path so that Life is not restored on Earth. To traumatize humans which installs an Android State of Being programmed to align Will with Authority rather than merging one's Will with Divine Will. I am not trying to scare you. However, I am also not trying to keep you remained in an infantile presentation of this work because you are guided to this entry so that you can ground yourself in the LIGHT of the GodForce while empowering yourself with knowledge. True Informed Consent about the path ahead of you as you answer your Essence's Call.

You are going to be working with the Psyche - the Mind - the Personality Construct & the Essence of a human. I encourage you to continue researching subjects housed within the umbrella of psychology. To desire to know thyself and to dismantle the layers of trauma installed within your human avatar. You will be working with the delicate nature of a human's belief systems that are programmed to believe that the intuitive instrument is a fairy tale. You must be sincere with engaging in Shadow Work. To plunge yourself into your Underworld and rise like the Phoenix.

You are accepting your role as a Warrior for the LIGHT. The True Light. The Original Awareness. The GodForce. accept that you will need to battle Darkness within you and outside of you. You will need to build a healthy self-esteem and dedicate yourself to your path/work. You will purify the wounds you have from childhood and the educational system. You will not allow yourself to fall under the "New Age" delusion nor succumb to the Influencer delusion. You are doing this work because it is necessary during this great age of change.

You are renegading against the Hive Mind and prepare for people to laugh at you. To call you names. To believe you are a lunatic and a fool. Remember that the population is programmed to ridicule the genuine, true Psychic/Medium so they will never look within themselves to develop their intuitive muscle. This is why you must be incredibly dedicated to your path/work and have a strong foundation of a healthy self-esteem. Your Healthy Logic Mind will analyze your experiences/skills/evidence while merging with your restored Psychic Art Mind. You are becoming a reflection of a person's intuitive potential.

If you made it to this paragraph without unleashing your inner wounds onto me...wonderful! I intend to reach those who are desiring to truly be an incredible Lighthouse in this world as an expression of the Psychic/Medium Archetype.

How do you begin? Please understand that the Universe will create a curriculum that is uniquely fitted to your life's experience. Your path may have similarities with mine, but it will never be exact. Be sincere in prayer and ask for guidance. Follow the breadcrumbs dropping into your Mind Tool.

Resist any urge to sign up for a class that will certify you. Majority of them are nonsensical and are not designed to instruct you that your skills are tethered to your individual expression. Life is your Teacher/Master. Your experiences are your Education. There are some programs that are housed in truth, but I recommend you to sincerely allow the flow of Life to lead you to your lessons.

You must begin reading for people. This will be dependent on your area, but we are gifted with the network online to connect you with clients that the Universe aligned just for you. I recommend you start reading others without charging. You are learning the mechanics of your skills. You must learn how the psychic/mediumistic information functions and flows through you. I never knew what psychic/mediumistic readings were until I began engaging with my abilities and observed my evolution.

You can create a new social media account. Offer readings for free while disclosing that you are a trainee. Remember that you are working with actual humans' lives. You are rejecting the Hive Mind perceptions that psychic/mediums are taking advantage of people. Disclosing that you are training will inform your clients that you are embarking on a new journey with a desire to know thyself. I would also request for your clients to provide validations whenever possible during the reading and the moments after the reading...because reading are not localized just to the session - it carries along the flow of time.

After you get a sense of how you work, what the mechanics are, how the information funnels through your mind tool / frame of reference / lens of perception then I would recommend doing readings with a fee based upon donations. Create a PayPal donation link or something similar that you can provide a client after you complete the service. I highly recommend you provide a recording for the client and even a transcript if possible. Remember that you are also creating a Service so I would ask yourself what you would want if you go to a psychic/medium for a reading.

Have you ever gotten a reading by a developed, trained, genuine psychic/medium? I encourage you to explore how others in the field work! I get readings twice a year while also going to a psychic/medium that is new to me. I enjoy the experience and to see the many flavors of expression overlaying on a psychic/medium's work. You will see that the mechanics of these skills are the same, but they are influenced by the uniqueness of the practitioner.

Your clientele will be based upon word of mouth. Referrals are your keys to attract people to your services. Keep in mind that you will be exposed to a wide variety of people at varying levels of awareness. You will meet people that you cannot help. You will meet people who will challenge you because they view you through the lens of the distortions programmed into them from society. The Universe is going to teach you about the human condition so that you can learn Discernment. You cannot help everyone so you'll be able to healthily judge with your intuition if the client is a right fit for you. You are constructing healthy boundaries and developing your self-esteem/confidence.

You can create an account on Etsy/Fiverr. I did that in 2010 or so. However, nowadays everyone is on those sites trying to make a quick buck compared to when I started. This could work for you though! Follow your intuitive guidance.

Psychic Fairs or Restaurant Readings are also a great starting point, but I really do not think they are suitable for a long-term if you're not in the correct mindset. They're great to learn the operations of a fifteen minute reading and how to quickly get in and out of a person's energy field. However, you will meet people who are really just going to these as a form of entertainment without sincerely desiring the assistance of a practitioner. There will be people who truly do desire your help which will outweigh those who view you as 'Ms.Cleo' or the Influencer. These could be great to establish a clientele so I recommend you test them out to see how you feel.

Resist comparing yourself to the Influencer. I'm not saying that there is something inherently wrong with having a following. However, many who have thousands upon thousands of followers are not actually doing the great work. They are agents to further bastardize the sacred intuitive arts. Use your Discernment. Also, you will learn about con-artists and those who are not skilled - people taking advantage of a client's ignorance. On top of are going to realize how society operates to distort the perceptions of the sacred intuitive arts. How society destroys the value of these services in the minds of the masses. You are healing these misperceptions and unrealistic expectations within you so you can teach people about their intuitive instrument through your work.

You will need a "root chakra job" - a source of income that pays your needs/bills as you develop. Eventually, you'll move to working less at that job and engage more with reading for people. But, this will take time. Depending on the income from readings when you just start out will sour your perceptions of the work. Have patience along your journey.

I did not begin my practice until 9 years after I began developing my skills. 2009 to the end of 2017 was of me learning about my skills, the mechanics, the psyche of humans, the conditioning onto the human species, and sincerely engaging with my healing journey. 2018 is when I began reading for people professionally so I am writing to you based upon my experiences.

This work is incredibly rewarding, healing, and fascinating! You will shock yourself as you observe the information flooding into your mind tool that is validated as accurate and true from a person you are working with. You will feel the Divine working through you as an instrument. You will have moments of frustration, but your sincere dedication to this work will help you recover so you continue moving forward on your path.

You will also expose yourself to Darkness tagging into your internal wounds to exaggerate thought patterns that you did not manufacture that are tied to heightened emotion. You will move through those assaults of Darkness and rise to a new level as a Warrior for the LIGHT. Darkness will also use humans who are completely unconscious/Androids to attempt to get you off of your path. This work really is about being a Warrior - a Paladin. A Holy Warrior.

I'll probably write more about this topic, but I feel like I gave you exactly what you need for the moment.

This work is for those who hear Essence's Call. For those who are encoded with the skills that cannot be taught. For those who are here to help restore Life to Earth by embracing the sacred intuitive arts.


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