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Is mediumship helpful with the grieving process?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Mediumship assists with the grieving process by the medium providing evidential information to illustrate a glimmer of the Essence of a loved one who transitioned.

I remember the first time that I went to a medium so I could potentially get in touch with my mother who transitioned when I was thirteen year's old. I was seventeen year's old when I went to Envision Crystal in Port Jefferson, NY to meet with Lisa. Up the spiral staircase I went to her reading room. I was excited and nervous to experience a reading. Keep in mind that this was before my psychic awakening so I really wasn't familiar with the art of a psychic and mediumistic reading.

I didn't record the reading. This was before I even had an iPhone. I do remember her stating that she didn't feel my mother around as in on Earth. She closed her eyes and tapped into my mother's Essence. My favorite part of going to other genuine psychics/mediums is seeing how they filter the psychic and mediumistic information into their Mind Tool.

I actually don't remember too much from the reading because it was fifteen years ago. However, what I do remember is when Lisa told me that my mother told her that I didn't like to go to school. This was incredibly significant because I used to run away from the school bus as a child which is another story for a different post. This byte of energetic data sent chills down my spine and I knew that it was a mediumistic hit.

My experience felt like I had a moment with my mother who used Lisa as a puppet to convey evidential information. I go to Lisa every year now and my next appointment is in July 2023.

My psychic and mediumistic practice exposes me to various people on all stages of their grieving journey. Some spirits come through me during a reading who passed within one month! Now that is truly shocking and they provide all the information for my client to correctly identify the spirits.

As an evidential [Encoded] medium, I am capable of providing glimpses of the spirits who provide characteristics of themselves as they were during the incarnation that my client knew them. They orchestrate impressions to convey their personality. Names, numbers, letters, visions, feelings, knowings, XYZ. It is a WEB. Spirits appear as if they are encoded with a nucleus of information.

Our current societal model (involving the medical, educational, XYZ systems) dictates that consciousness ceases to exist when the physical body dies. This is untrue. I don't have all of the answers. I don't claim to know everything. I just know what my experiences taught me and continue to teach me.

Spirits joining a session feel like a magnetic presence. I just sense that a spirit is with me and then it evolves into a Mandala. A unique experience every time I do a reading. The Raw Mediumship Demonstrations are perfect for showing people the process rather than me just detailing stories from readings.

Grieving involves an incorrect and programmed belief that our loved ones are nothing after their physical body dies. Nonexistent. Eradicated. Extinguished. I feel like this absolutely interferes with our ability to cope with a loved one's transition.

A mediumistic reading will never be the same experience as if you are sitting down with a loved one in physicality. I, and other mediums, are only able to provide a snapshot of spirits' essence. Hyper-Focused clues and an orchestration of impressions using the Psychic Art Mind housed within humans.

Spirits will provide details of current events in my client's life and/or those who are connected to the family. The mediumistic information appears like paintbrush circulating around a canvas. It will never be like a computerized transcript. The overemphasized, cancerous logic mind must begin its healing process to transform into a healthy logic mind. The healthy logic mind is needed to analyze the streams of information provided by spirits to ensure that the identity of the spirit is correct along with sorting through the other mediumistic impressions to determine if spirit is providing details about a memory, current event, naming a person connected to the spirit, and so much more.

I feel like mediumship is helpful to the grieving process, but it is not something that will immediately mend all of the wounds from a loved one's transition. At worst, an undeveloped medium new to his/her craft will sour the grieving process which is why I state that newly emerging mediums should disclose to his/her clients that he/she is in training.

Spirits will provide messages pertaining to my client and the messages will always be married with evidential information to confirm that I translated the energetic data into the correct interpretation. Now...when a "medium" only discusses how spirits are constantly stating messages such as "He/she loves you" on and on and on...that is a red flag. However, there are instances when spirits do state a generic statement, but it isn't the entirety of a reading.

Mediumship helps people to create a new memory with their loved ones who are now in energy form. I try my best to interpret everything and I disclose the mechanics of mediumship so my clients' expectations and perceptions are tuned to the reality of the psychic and mediumistic arts. I love when spirits provide evidential information that a client cannot place during the session, but the client does research/allows time to pass which then the client receives the knowledge of what was brought through that could not be placed during the reading. I am not a telepath. I am just a tool to provide glimpses that a person's loved ones are still alive in that which my tiny human mind has a hard time comprehending.

It is a sense of relief. When you understand what the medium's role is and your role...when you understand how mediumistic information filters through the Psychic Art Mind...when you understand that spirits will move through the medium into this dimension to provide glimpses...that is when you can receive the Healing work of a mediumistic session.

I intend to discuss this topic further and I must mention that mediums must continue to strive to work on themselves. To study. To grow. This is work involves people who are in pain. The many criticisms of mediumship (through those who are conditioned to perceive this work inaccurately) are strategies for Darkness to destroy the healing potential of a reading as well as to ensure that humans continue to perceive themselves as powerless, mechanical, lifeless creatures.

I do believe that a person must move through his/her grieving process enough before coming to a medium. There are always exceptions because humans cannot be limited into a one-size-fits-all category just like how I mentioned that I had clients come to me one month after their loved one transitioned. I ensure that I do not create a dependency within a client so they reject any impulse to schedule a mediumistic session with me every month. I state that it is best to go six months to a year before seeing me again so the healing energy of a reading can work its magic.

Mediumship is a key. It opens a person's consciousness to begin the process of blossoming into a curiosity. To question existence. To question life. To question the conditioning structures and programs of this world.

When you understand the board game of mediumship (and psychic readings) then...then you can receive the most benefits from a mediumistic reading so you can move through your grieving process with an extra assistance from your loved ones who are now housed in energy form.


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