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Long Island & A Dream

Today, I traveled to a park near where I live with an old friend who was visiting Long Island. It was the perfect Fall 2023 day full of Higher Mind leading us to Magic.

I lived in my current dwelling space for 1.5 years without having the pleasure of traveling through this nature realm! My friend suggested we go which ended up mirroring the energy of Today.

This morning, Higher Mind provided a list of instructions for me to do. This all popped in during my morning bike session - the time for my body to go on autopilot while I let my Mind Tool be open to receive Inspiration.

This led me to record this short video detailing more of my Psychic Wiring service.

I had my first Psychic Wiring service with a wonderful client of mine. Synchronicity and Higher Mind led her to schedule a session which proved to be impactful for both of us. I felt inspired to add more to the Psychic Wiring page and create a Follow-Up Session. This is evolving into one of my favorite services! Psychic Excavation of the Unconscious to Illuminate what is asking to be seen as directed by a client's Higher Mind.

My friend and I walked throughout the park and I needed to snap photos.

Our adventure continued to my favorite pizzeria, we ordered two slices each, and found our way back to my home after grabbing some food for my fish.

This led us to have tea and coffee while making Art. Free drawing and painting. Allowing our Psychic Art Mind to blossom as we reminisced and thought about what lies before us in the illusive future.

I love Craft Time! I have drawers dedicated to my art supplies and scrap paper. Anytime a friend visits we usually end up embracing Craft Time. And...a Reading.

I was guided to use my tarot cards to help me focus on the information for my friend since we spent the last few hours already discussing her life. My Labradorite Crystal Sphere, Melinda Warren, was on the table and I allowed the impressions to flow into my Mind Tool as I gazed my physical eyes on the cards. As you may or not know, I don't use tarot cards in my Psychic Readings for clients. But! I felt like I needed assistance since my logic mind knows too much about my friend's swirling circumstances, experiences, and thoughts.

It was lovely! And her grandmother joined our session from the Spirit Realm to provide excellent validations outside of what I already knew about my friend's family.

I love Long Island.

The land of mysteries, spookiness, and plenty of conspiracy down by Plum Island and Montauk.

A gorgeous landscape, energy of Mother Earth, and PSYCHISM.

A Dream.


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