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My Theory of Mediumship

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Since 2018, I offered my services to use my mediumistic abilities/skills to assist people on their path through connecting with spirits. I observed how my intention to mediumistically read for a person opens a gateway for an orchestration of impressions to flood my mind tool while feeling the magnetic presence of a a being not contained to physicality. This act is documented, tested, and investigated following the guidelines of the scientific method.

I expose myself to variety of theories and perceptions regarding reality. I remain open to explore with an eye for curiosity. Life taught me that a single human will never have all of the answers to the mysteries and that every human is subjected to conditioning from the external world. Perceptions constructed by information received leading to loops revolving around fixed beliefs. The strength required to embody courage as person begins to search for more.

I often speak about one of the earliest experiences engaging with my mediumistic abilities. Trying out for a psychic fair then points of light emerging onto my mindscape's pentagon signaling a link to spirits. An overwhelming, non-human feeling of a love I never felt before or after this experience. The Essence of the GodForce letting me know about the sacred act of mediumship. This was crucial for my path moving forward which I anchor into my being as I continue sharing my skills to help others.

I'm aware of the mechanisms Darkness uses to puppeteer puppets on Earth to do its bidding. The iterations of destructive agendas to thwart humanity's engagement with PSYCHISM evolving into this technological age that I'm continuing to understand as I learn. The constructs of the flow of information and the creation of an Idol throughout every field of profession.

But...what is mediumship? Mediumship leaves me with a lot of questions that I don't have answers to. I never claim to have every answer and I'm against the Cult of Mediums stream. I simply observe what is occurring in my experiences reading people mediumistically. I study the mechanics, the rules of the board game, and the sensations I receive through orchestrations of impressions.

I feel as though mediumship is the act of a medium receiving energies from consciousness existing outside of the physical body.

I'll define a Medium. A Medium is a person that is encoded with a sequence of energetics localized into a specific expression to extend his/her energy field into a level that reaches a configuration capable of housing aspects of Spirit Essence. I feel like a medium's human vessel is wired with receptors to translate Spirit Essence for a short duration. This sequence of energetics is carried over lifetimes and soul evolution. The medium's human vessel is designed to withstand an augmentation in his/her energy bodies with a physical avatar built to survive periods of hyper-influence. In other words, a medium extends his/her awareness and has the physical/energy bodies capable to withstand and to sustain a link with Spirit Essence.

I feel a magnetic presence when spirits link during a reading. If I intend to use my mindscape's pentagon, a tool for lights to appear to signify the link, then that will also happen. Now I just feel the Spirit Essence similar to when you hold to magnets apart and you feel their pull to connect. After linking, I am swarmed with impressions that I did not consciously manufacture with my mind tool.

Telepathy is not occurring during a session. It is refuted. Spirits project into my mind tool information that a client is unaware of during the reading. Information requiring research by asking family members and friends to see if they could validate what was not confirmed during the reading. Identities of spirits revealed after I disengage with the link between my client and spirits. Psychic Amnesia also occurs which is when my clients do not remember the validity of the statements I made, but they realize they forgot the details/identities.

Demons/Aliens aka Inter-Dimensional Interference by Nefarious Entities is ruled out because of that ineffable experience I had. I also establish a sacred, safe space through my intention and I anchor into my heart. Though evil beings exist...I do believe that many people give them more power than they have because of skewed perceptions. Although, I never underestimate the intelligence of Darkness...I also know that I underestimate the power of the Divine and the Heart.

Artificial Intelligence is at the table now to consider, but the mimicry of spirits hijacking the mindscape of a person who is ignorant to the mechanics and the artistry of mediumship. Knowledge is Power to combat mind assaults.

I don't know what the elusive "Other Side" is. I have theories based upon bites of information from spirits backed up with evidential information my client can confirm pertains to the spirits.

I feel mediumship is when a medium links with the true Essence of Consciousness localized to the expression of a singularity that incarnated into a body on Earth. The aspect of Self that never perishes. The God Spark.


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