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Text of Honor

July 17th 2023, my 32nd birthday. My birthday tradition consists of watching an episode of Charmed and this birthday matched me with Charmed's 1st episode - 'Something Wicca This Way Comes'. Following Higher Mind, I was led to purchase a new journal. The old book's energy died to give birth to a new totem for the journey ahead of me. A walk around the block guided me to read a chapter of 'Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain' by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder.

'Vanga Dimitrova, the Bulgarian Oracle' - my favorite chapter in this book. I learned of this book while listening to a chat between Eve Lorgen and James Bartley. I never heard of it until Divine Timing unleashed a lightning bolt for me to capture.

I read the Tale of Vanga once more and I was enveloped by an appreciation for those who walked before me within the field of PSYCHISM. I always acknowledge practitioners of PSYCHISM who are genuine, authentic, and who are contributing to a library of knowledge housed in evidence of 1+1=2. The mechanics of psychic and mediumistic abilities understood so the Tool of PSYCHISM can be used by the common folk - civilians of society unaware of the Tool.

A deep appreciation for the work of a practitioner. A field that I hope to contribute my workings to the Library of the World's Bazaar. An approach to PSYCHISM with a healthy logic mind and a psychic art mind working in unison. A marriage.

I felt at ease with knowing that I am not presenting an exaggeration of these skills nor do I overestimate my skills. To know what produces a quality of a reading that is of value. To comprehend the mechanics of these skills so I can offer a service that has years of experience to back up the fee I attach to my services.

The work of any profession tethered to a human's ability to perform with quality and integrity. Scheduling a surgery in the morning. Ensuring that the jump from raven black hair to platinum blonde is scaffolded in sessions. Tattooing a large piece of art in an appropriate set amount of appointments so the skin can heal and absorb the artist and client's vision.

This thirty-two year forecasted with my gaze for the Library. Only desiring to be featured in text that upholds the sincerity woven throughout a book like 'Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain'. Forgoing desire for any accolades granted by Vogue, Yahoo, ABC, and the like.

The Witch in the Wood who does her work, knows herself, and sleeps well at night on a pillow threaded with Honor.

The 1st episode of Charmed when they receive their gifts. Phoebe is the youngest of three with the skill of PSYCHISM. Lost in her younger days then found by Honor. I'm the youngest of three with a navigation directed by my inner compass of PSYCHISM. Establishing a credible service with informed consent and an instruction manual written to provide the basic understandings of my readings. A profession honoring those who came before me and to honor the value I marry with my work.

A blanket of gratitude for the adaptations I implemented to the orchestration of the Universe while honing my skills to divine from Higher Mind.


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