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The Complexities of a Group Reading

I'm recovering my energy from a group mediumship reading that I did yesterday on a live stream. Allowing my energetic immune system to synthesize my energy's depletion with the constant flow of Life Force Energy while I study yesterday's experience. I'm determined to learn about what influences the quality of a reading and to tame my ego-construct so I attempt to understand Spirit's design. Following the reading, I was zapped. Depleted. A headache enveloped my cognitive functioning so I nursed my being with a delicious pizza from my favorite pizzeria.

I offer group mediumship readings for up to eight people to attend. A participant in a GMR that I did back in January was curious as to why I only limited the attendance to eight people. She was confused as she compared me to another medium that is on Long Island. I replied that eight was my magic number, but there is more which I'll attempt to explain in this entry.

The number one factor to understand that Spirit does not care about making me look like an ass and will use me as a microphone for the message/evidential information to get to whomever it is intended for. Spirit sees that I am recording the reading and sees the potential for the intended person to listen to the recording which leaves the participants dumbfounded because they cannot identify the spirit(s). This also occurs in an individual reading especially if the client is intending to share the recording with others.

I use the analogy of me being a Prism that is refracting the white light entering into my Crown Chakra. Colored rays beam from my Throat Chakra and attempt to reach the intended receiver of the light. Fractals of Essence that must be understood as a part of the GMR's instruction manual / rule book. Spirits understand that I agree upon XYZ amount of time for them to use my energy field so I am at the mercy of whoever joins the session and comes up to the spirit microphone. This is called "piggy-backing" when spirits who have similar characteristics/experiences join together in the hope of the participants to receive Evidence. This is an aspect of GMRs. It is a mechanism for spirit and it occurs in all genuine, encoded mediums who perform a GMR. The participants must listen and hopefully share how the streams of energetic, mediumistic data apply to them. In-person readings somehow have the participants sit together as they were directed by spirit to sit at XYZ spot.

The "piggy-backing" phenomena was something that I did not believe to be true until it started happening to me which then informed me of this mechanism of GMRs. Let's say that two participants acknowledge the majority of information applies to a spirit connected to them and then the spirits provide energetic bytes of information that will only apply to one person - a name, location, characteristic, current event, etc...

Think of this as a lock and key. There is a specific key that will open a lock. This is why it is important for myself to bring on the participant who claims the majority of the introductory details and then I will review them to ensure we have the correct participant and spirit connection. Then I'll receive more details to confirm the correct link and spirit will then share more evidential information (especially concerning current events) as well as messages.

To the ignorant participants consumed by the gaslighting techniques of Darkness to discredit this work...this is all bullshit. However, I learned to embody compassion and I explicitly state that it is imperative that the host of a GMR ensures that all of the participants are open and willing to allow the experience to unfold.

Psychic Amnesia does occur in GMRs just like individual mediumship (and psychic) readings. A participant may be so focused on his/her desire for the "Star Person" to enter then completely bypasses the signifiers of another spirit connected to him/her. This just happens and it is imperative that I do not allow any external influence to disconnect me from my focus on the information downloading into my Mind Tool.

The information brought through during a GMR illustrates the endless variety of spirits. I receive the list of introductory details and it resembles a Mandala / Snowflake which I discuss in other blog entries and podcast episodes. It is not statements about a mother energy joining a session and generic characteristics. They are specific signifiers. You can review my raw mediumship demonstrations to learn more about this aspect of mediumship. I may even request participants to join a raw group mediumship demonstration in the future since this is pinging in my Mind Tool as I type.

The lock and key of a GMR will lead me to the correct participant-spirit link and the information just flows like a waterfall. The participant can validate the majority of what is brought through and it provides the evidence for consciousness existing outside of the physical body.

Last night's reading involved around 40 people which is way more than what I offer. I am fascinated at how the dynamics work through this amount of people especially when it is during a live stream! The host will upload the reading so the three unidentified spirits will hopefully reach whoever is intended to receive the evidence. We had three participant-spirit links that illustrated the breath of information that a medium can provide for a client and it was wonderful! Those who did not receive a reading were able to observe the totality of a correct participant-spirit link. I still am shocked as I observe the participant validate 80% - 90% of what I bring through while a few statements that will require research.

GMRs are experiences tethered to the energetics of the group, myself, and the spirits. The quality of connections are dependent upon the relationship between the participant and spirit which I speak about in other entries. It is a flow. It is water. It is a stream. It is complex and dynamic.

I strive to ensure that I do my best by maintaining my integrity and sticking with the information that I receive. My experiences taught me about the common occurrences of people forgetting identities as well as bytes of energetic data. This is the work. It is not the Computerized Mediumship broadcasted to people.

This is the Sacred Art of Mediumship.


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