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Unhealed Grief! Unconscious Undercurrent.

Instagram post from 6-27-22

Oh Synchronicity! Life is gravitating my experience to fully immerse my conscious in this deeeeeep wound inflicted from my mother’s transition!

I am not posting this to collect sympathy and exclaim “woe is me.” Get that idea outtta here!

What I am realizing is how this trauma installed a series of blockades in which my energy system created to truly protect my conscious mind so I can navigate life.

This unconscious system translates into every aspect of my life which I am now given the opportunity to realize as this is the next step in my healing journey.

So to bring this awareness into my business...I can anecdotally perceive a loved one’s death and the stunted grief process infiltration of how a person operates day-to-day without realizing this open wound! How mediumship is an entry point to invite someone to realize consciousness exists outside of the body and how unhealed grief destroys emotional, psychological, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

And sooooo. This post is just clarity breaching my conscious mind and how many people are protected from fully immersing oneself into the grief process to AVOID the pain which results in XYZ behaviors thereby continuing this trap of victim-saboteur feeding off the unrealized grief processes.

How the incorrect paradigm of our world ensnares our minds to physicality and an inorganic belief that all aspects of life is deterministic and materialistic which trails behind the church of $cientism.

Just my Monday thoughts ⚡️


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