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Visibility VS Media / Fame

The delicate balance between promoting your work for Visibility VS the Media / Fame drug.

I struggle with the "standard template" of promoting one's work. I have a rejection-response when I am influenced by the social media world to create content, but I also understand that it is to infuse content with your individual Essence as a Cover Art. My now dead-YouTube-channel lays in the internet graveyard with over 400 videos decaying in coffins. They were created and published in an era of great uncertainty during 2020 to 2021. I'm not embarrassed by what I created since it was housed in my Old Form which has shed to reveal who I am at the beginning of Fall 2023.

Human Design has been whispering in my mind. I wasn't too familiar with that until Summer 2023 when I decided to investigate. I'm a Generator so my Responses are key to take note of as they inform me with what will strengthen, gather, and harness my energy. The idea of creating new content is actually exciting me! Creating new content streamlined with my new form.

Visual media such as videos is...its an Art. My old videos had no editing. I'd record them whenever I felt the urge and they did help me heal old self-esteem wounds! It was a training. But...this new content creation calling, and my excited response, must meet who I am today.

I'm asking myself why do I want to create new content. Is it to be well-known? To gain followers? To be a social media influence? NOPE.

I absolutely despise attention for me. I'm an introvert and shy. My Mercury in Leo takes over me during a reading so that I am expressive in my communication since my work involves me Speaking. It'd be annoying if you book a reading, or group reading, with me and I'm a monotone slug. My inner work and healing journey led me on a path to allow my Mercury in Leo to shine which also makes me realize that my Mercury in Leo can Roar when I'm left to give my hot takes on a hot topic.

I learned that I must channel my Mercury in Leo in a refinement and sophistication rather than open up my camera, turn on my microphone, record a video, and then publish as soon as the recording is finished.

Why do I want to create new content? To share Information. To build a Library.

Being well-known for who I am rather than my work is...well it disgusts me. I know that media attention and fame is a drug which could drag me to hell. My Team Light made it very clear to me that I am predisposed for a Heightened Ego - actually be possessed by my Inflated Ego - which will ultimately destroy my work. Praise for my "special abilities". Believing that I am more than human. Falling prey to ideologies that I am a Savior with my "specialness". I witness others in my field become consumed by their Inflated Ego and I am striving to never be possessed by the delusion. Remember that I don't find this work to be special because it is a trade just like any other profession. A natural human skill that was developed and turned into a service to assist others.

I was invited to have a chat with Niish from The Cosmic Salon in August 2022. This was a "YES" because I love Niish's work and I'm a fan of her podcast. She is a psychic medium in the field and her authenticity is palpable. When she asked me to come on..."YES" response made it loud and clear.

So with Media...that is also a delicate balance. I am incredibly Selective. I don't desire to go through the rounds of podcasts after podcasts. There are only just a few Podcasts that I would go on if they invite me. Other than that...I've declined invitations to Podcasts. I feel like I have to be aligned with the Podcasts as well as listen to them. Not just accept every invitation to join a show that I've never listened to. Just recently I was emailed with a "copy and paste" invitation that included my name without any personalization.

I want to be known for my work...not for my personal life.

I have an Instagram account which I pretty much use actively, but the idea of creating posts and reels to attract clients repels me. Over-saturation with content that doesn't align with who I am just to gain new clients. I learned very quickly that social media is a neutral tool and that I have to use it in a way that makes me Respond with a "Yes" so I'm beginning to understand what will Generate an excited "Yes" response.

My Inner Work - Shadow Work - Healing Journey...this continuous process keeps me very grounded and in my human experience. I do not need validation from the External World. I don't need people to see me. I don't need thousands upon thousands of followers. I actually do not want that. My Inner Work strengthened my Internal Validation and connection to the Divine / Essence / Higher Mind / GODFORCE / Holy Nature / Universe.

I had a MySpace when I was 14 which was 18 years ago. I grew up with the beginning stages of social media and went through the ups and downs. I no longer post "personal" things on my Instagram. I strive to put content on there that is the Cover Art for my business. Just a Hub. My Instagram is jjvlightwizard....which I don't even put on my website.

I really am working through my severe aversion to using social media as a positive tool.

Many find it hard to believe that a person does not desire fame, glory, and media attention. This disbelief comes from their internal wounding, bruised ego, and layers of unhealed trauma lingering within their unconscious. This concoction of unhealed-ness craves External Validation.

I'm feeling called to create new content that is Information based. This is warming my belly like honey! "YES" response all the way through my energy system. Content that I want to nourish and nurture rather as it aligns with my new form.

Visibility that is not induced by the perversion of the social media influencer. Visibility not to receive external validation.

Visibility to gift those who desire with Knowledge.

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