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Expectations & Myth Busters! De-glamorize Fixed Perceptions.

6:50am 7-7-22

Doing psychic and mediumistic work as a source of income comes with challenges just like with any profession. This work needs the layer of glamorization to fade so that humanity can begin to re-learn the intuitive arts through what this work actually is in reality. Film, television, and other forms of media greatly sensationalizes this work through providing a platform for reality tv show mediums to have their readings manicured to deliver the perfect jaw-dropping scenes.

Surgeons watching Grey's Anatomy surely have their grievances and frustrations as they gaze upon the incorrect and inaccurate proceedings at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. This is the same with psychic and mediumistic work which the professional intuitive has to go on a solo journey to discover, to learn, and to develop their skills.

I think the biggest hinderance for a person coming for a reading, especially a mediumistic reading, is their own personal filters comprised of fixed beliefs programmed by media. This inflates the misunderstandings of this work and this used to really annoy me. I would shout out to my Team Light my frustration with having to instruct people on what a genuine reading is and how information comes through my mind tool. I would exclaim how I did not sign up for this! I'm not a teacher! Why meeeeee!

I learned that a person who never had a reading with me before along with not having someone refer me and my services...there is a more difficult time with comprehension of a reading. The need to conceptualize what I say in my opening speech and overlaying the concepts on the information that comes through my mind tool.

Mini-movies and images outside of linear time. Names not tethered to a 'significant person' for names are an easy way to establish a subject for information to anchor. Psychic Amnesia running amok along with information not yet revealed.

To come for a reading means that you must genuinely want to experience a reading. You have to seriously wish to have a session and to have an open mind with a foundation of trust in the intuitive. You have to be willing to learn something new and to divorce yourself from the programmed, fixed beliefs and perceptions regarding psychic and mediumistic work.

I think its just important to realize how natural this work is for humans and how the biggest hinderance to having a really great reading is a closed mind and an unwillingness to learn from a person who developed his/her abilities throughout their life's journey.

The expectations of a reading housed within a person are usually compacted by myths and misconceptions which is the same for any other profession. How a hair colorist knows how a person's hair would react to a new color and the colorist recommends a different strategy to go from black hair to blonde hair while the client is complaining because her expectations are not aligned with reality.

If you really want a wonderful reading...keep an open mind. Be willing to learn something new. Understand somewhat what may happen and to have a layer of trust for the person you are going for a reading.

I also think a big challenge for people is for them to push through cognitive dissonance and to humble themselves because they usually are not immersed within a personal reality where these abilities are actively engaged.

This is why a Professional Psychic and/or Medium is the professional - his/her experiential learning and resume of readings installs the required understanding of the abilities which are meant to be developed and then shared.

This work is just like any other profession and the glamorized spectacle from the media actively disrupts the quality of a reading through the inaccuracy of a person's perceptions concerning psychic and mediumistic abilities.



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