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The Psychic Profession.

6:24am 8-2-22

The Psychic Profession. The profession actively attacked through false programs, gaslighting, disillusionment, and XYZ. The profession that is divorced from the collective consciousness to leave room for false professionals to profess illusions.

I realize that the Divine really orchestrated my entire work history to lead me to where I am today. I had to learn about customer service. To interact with people from all walks of life. I had to get my hands working with coffee, mocha, margarita mix, dvds, and XYZ because those work duties provided the landscape for engaging with people.

There is no set path for a psychic and/or medium. There is no degree to hold, internship to work, nor placement at an established firm to climb the ladder. It is all on the individual.

A blossoming psychic/medium, a person who can hold a duration of ‘time’ for information to flood his/her mind tool which passes through the lens of perception. The energy decoded through symbolism. Literal information connected through bite size clues. The inner workings of the mechanics are all for experience to educate which is why there it took me from 2009 to 2018 to develop so that I can exchange my energy with others through money.

The budding intuitive also needs to meet his/her conditioning and extend a hug to one’s triggers because this work is to assist others on their path so the intuitive is best advised to clearly see oneself in the mirror. The inner work will only escalate one’s intuitive abilities and their potential to assist others. It is the initiation. It is the descent into one’s personal underworld and the ascension that will create more of a golden antenna capable of diving in deeper into another’s underworld.

The forces of Dark existing outside of our visible spectrum will also forcibly disrupt the genuine intuitive as the psychic/medium begins to develop their skills. These forces are capable of decoding humans’ energy signatures and will slap the psychic/medium once a level is reached in development. It is to ensure that their system maintains the structure of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical control. It is their food source.

As the psychic/medium expands in awareness and passes through high levels of initiation…then he/she will realize that not every human has the potential to burst through their conditioning – to break free from the mind control. Information received will seem surface level compared to clients who are doing the great inner work and are willing to truly have the eyes to see, ears to hear, and body to feel.

A new paradigm is constructed to incorporate the reality of these abilities. Once the psychic/medium can understand and conceptualize the new paradigm…then a new bite size of information will drop into the mind tool which will require the psychic/medium to then formulate and contemplate a new paradigm.

The psychic profession requires discipline, humility, and a true desire to transcend one’s personal identity to expand into a consistent evolutionary process. The inner work is more important than the work done with others because one cannot fully help another person unless the inner work is more desirable. Isolation and deep contemplation are also necessary so free time is spent reading, writing, meditating, and developing a keen sense of observation and awareness. Also, the psychic/medium must do the inner healing work, close the open trauma wounds, so that the vessel is a clear channel without the human judgements tainting that which is received.

The psychic profession is just like any other career. Every career has a list of attributes – positive and negative. Psychic and Mediumistic work is as demanding and intense as any other field, but it includes the added layer of the external world’s programming to delete this knowledge and awareness from the human mind.


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