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The Seas & Hip Hop

Our task for today was to write a hip hop song about whatever comes to mind. A music class going over beats to a measure and reminding us about rhyming schemes. My saxophone and piano training days were flooding into my mind tool especially while submerged in the jacuzzi.

I'll briefly discuss my reason for this Oregon stay. I was invited by a beloved client of mine to be a witness to the energy along with tapping into etheric fields to retrieve information for this retreat's intention. A Psychic Reporter while also Mediumistically tapping into Spirits of physicians. A Retreat to merge Music, Rap, & Hip Hop to spread awareness. I won't detail the "awareness points" because I am just learning about them...but it is truly about Shining Light onto Darkness. The underbelly of our world expressed through the lens of the medical industrial complex.

The past few days were full of eating scrumptious, delicious, magnificent seafood and floating in the jacuzzi while watching the Pacific Ocean. These are the Physical Representations of my other activities - The Unconscious & Depths of Reality. Scorpionic Trip for sure as my 8th House Scorpio is lit up by the current transits of the planetary bodies in the seas above our heads.

The Seas - Literal & Symbolical.

My Hip Hop song channeled through me very quickly and clearly after I got out of the jacuzzi. I set my intention for Higher Mind to connect me to the Hip Hop Muse.

My song has no title, but the Seas, the Unconscious, and the Psychic Forces are present throughout each rhyme.

I very much enjoyed writing this and feeeeeling the Muse. All Art is of the Psychic Art Mind...PSYCHISM.


Chained mouth, I'm so tough.

Toughin' it out while this jungles so rough.

Speakin' the truth, psychin' myself up.

Straight jacket around my energy field.

Convinced there's only one way to appeal.

Forced perceptions dictating falsities.

Reality bends with higher qualities.

Rejuvenation, Restoration.

Water purifies, one cannot deny.

Cleansing the lies,

I do not apologize.

1 + 1 = 2.

Observin' the patterns around you.

Acknowledgin' what was hidden,

But not for a few.

Oh the mysteries of the psyche.

Archetypes and energies vast as the sea.

To the depths of the mind,

The conscious mind cannot rhyme.

Purity and Serenity.

Lifts me off my knees.

The unconscious mind is the key.

Psychic Art Mind you will have to define.


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