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8:34am 7-16-22

November 13, 2017 was the date of my surgery and it was also the date of an initiation into embodying the Seer Archetype.

Now…I’m not going to get into the horror shit show details that ensued after my surgery. I had complications. I was a part of the percentage that entails a series of misfortunes. My drains were clogged, my belly housed dead blood which I pushed out of my belly button like a scene from IT, and I battled this recovery process.

This comes to mind the notion of “Attraction” for the Law of Attraction people will deem that it was my mindset and my emotions which created this misfortunate reaction to the surgery. Demonizing my mindset and emotional landscape. I was the cause of the misfortune through the lens of the infantile and flaccid Law of Attraction teachings which are heavily skewed in DECEPTION.

I don’t feel that I caused it from the lens of LOA. I KNOW that it happened, there was a percentage housed in complications, and that I experienced the events.

When we think about Health through the energy systems and other holistic lenses…there are too many factors. There are the layers of the mental and emotional realms. There is a notion that my Higher Self designed this complication to initiate me into a new level of awareness. There is a thought loop concerning that I had to experience this to understand myself and my world more.

I do not regret getting the tummy tuck. Would I have liked a smooth surgical process and after-care? Sure, definitely. But I do not have a thought loop swirling around an idea that I caused it, that I should be ashamed, and that I am not beautiful.

Accidents happen and it is my response and adaptation to the misfortune that matters the most.

During my recovery, I was gifted ‘The Light Between Us’ by Laura Lynne Jackson from my dad’s now fiancé. This was Divine Planning. I devoured the book. I exclaimed “This is me!” and my consciousness evolved into POSSIBILITY.

Believe you me, I struggled with accepting what occurred and the effects on my body. Every tummy tuck scar is blatant and is noticeable. Would I rather have the loose skin and the emotional, mental, and physical discomfort? HELL NO. I don’t even really have a belly button – it is just a slit because of the dead blood erupting.

This really had me analyze my life and my constructs of beliefs. I had to learn how to really love my body after decades of HATING my vehicle. It was challenging and it was worth the terror.

This was the time when I realized that I had to do Psychic and Mediumistic work for a living – it was a drive. These events instructed me on the necessity to share the SKILLS I nurtured and developed since 2009.

This was an initiation on many levels and I feel like I leveled up in awareness, consciousness, and beingness.



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