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Why Get A Mediumistic Reading?

Why would a person seek the services of an authentic, developed Medium?

To receive Evidence of Consciousness existing outside of the physical body. Plain and Simple.

A Medium is a Tool - a Window of Light - to provide you with Glimmers of your loved ones' Essences who are no longer encased in physicality. A Medium shifts his/her perception to a Higher Octave of Awareness to receive mediumistic information.

A Medium is to relay to you all of his/her mediumistic impressions as Spirits play the Medium-Instrument. The orchestration of impressions reflect the Identity of the Spirits who are joining the session. Evidential Information.

An authentic, developed Medium does not provide you with one-size-fits-all messaging. Yes, some information is common and may apply to more than one Spirit. However, the other threads of information reflect the Identity of the Spirit and the Web of Connection tied to those on Earth and those in the Unseen who are within this Web.

Spirits merge with the energy field of the Medium to push impressions, sometimes with a flavor of Knowing, that are about experiences and current events that occurred after the Spirits transitioned.

Spirits want to let their loved ones know that their Essence did not obliterate into nothingness - that they are still very much alive while in Energy Form.

The Medium speaks as the information is received without judgment. There are some symbolic images that present within the Medium's Mind Tool that do require interpretation and symbolic decoding. I observed that these symbolic images appear blatantly symbolic. This is when the Healthy Logic Mind observes patterns and learns from each reading to extract the most accurate meaning.

The purpose of going to seek the services of a Medium is to receive Evidential Information. Information that involves "Literal Information" such as the Medium is relaying how he/she sees a specific layout of a home with as many details as possible. Then the client reflects on this information to determine how this is connected to the Spirit's Web of Connection. It could be the Spirit's home. The home a client lived in when the Spirit was encased in physicality. The home of the Spirit's sibling who you either recently spoke to and/or went to the sibling's home.

Mediums also provide an opportunity for Closure. Some Spirits transitioned with unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances. Some of Spirits' loved ones on Earth did not have an opportunity to save goodbye. Some Spirits wish to convey how sorry they are for their actions while in physicality. Messages are very important and I learned that these messages are not just the typical "I Love You", however, sometimes that does come in if the client truly needs to hear those words from Spirit through the Medium.

An authentic, developed Medium is of the Healthy Logic Mind and the Psychic Art Mind. The Medium discovered this extrasensory ability, questioned it, researched about it, trained it, and realized that this is something that can be incredibly helpful to share with others. The Medium does not desire to know information prior to a reading because it actually interferes with the process. Also, the Medium wants to ensure that the credibility and validity of the information remains intact. I also find that I do readings because I find it incredibly fascinating to witness my Mind Tool receive Mediumistic Information that I had no conscious awareness of prior to the reading.

You would Seek the services of a Medium to create a new memory with your Loved Ones. Those in Spirit try desperately to alert their Loved Ones on Earth that they are still very much alive. They understand that we, us on Earth, are all varying in development of our Intuitive Muscle so they will try to lead a Loved One to an authentic, developed Medium. Spirits also understand the layers of conditioning that humans are subjected to and the varying degrees of de-conditioning to awaken into PSYCHISM.

A Medium's services are about YOU realizing that your Loved Ones did not cease to exist.


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