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10/14/23 Eclipse & Eras | Holographic Projection

I spent the last 4 hours immersed in an Arena for my Unconscious to Project onto the IDOL Taylor Swift which occurred the day of the 10/14/23 Solar Eclipse in Libra.

I am a fan of Taylor Swift's music - I can't hide it nor would I want to! However, don't view me as an Idol Worshipper. I titled Taylor Swift as an IDOL because...those on her playing field are these Idols which we can use as a Mirror of our Underworld's Projections. It isn't about Taylor on a level above me. It is to recognize her role in our Culture and Society - the World's Stage.

I'll try to hone in on this Ecliptic Experience that is actually Conjunct my Natal Libra Moon.

Use this blog entry as an example of using Figures in our Collective Experience as a Divination Tool to see what your Subconscious is Projecting so you can Peel Layers of your Psyche.

I'm asking for you to call forth your Inner Scientific Mystic with your Psychic Antenna. Along the journey of developing your will then be greeted with an opportunity to explore the Projections of the Mind and the Outer Experience as a way to Inform you about your Multifaceted Mind/Spirit Complex. Archetypes, Projections....Reality as a form of a Holographic Experience.

Eclipse / Era. Today's Eclipse is a doorway into a new energy that will surround our Collective and shape with our Personal Experience. This Ecliptic Energy will translate throughout the next 6 months and more so...Ultimately...this is a new ERA for us. How will we use this energy to align further with our Optimal Path?

Mirrors and Reflections of the Psyche.

To get the surface level experiences out of the way...I've listened to Taylor Swift since I was 16 years old. Nostalgia with all of my previous Eras reflected back to me through each of Taylor's sets. That'll happen with any IDOL since they are keenly woven into our lives especially with the Arts.

Now I'm going to detail Taylor Swift as a mirror of my Optimal Path. Understand that I am very familiar about Big Music. Teams for Image Creation, Branding, Marketing....the entire Industry of Pop Culture. I have no idea what she is like as a person and I really don't care to know. I just really enjoy her music. STYLE is my favorite Pop Song.

As a Mirror of my Optimal Path - Divination Tool - Taylor Swift was showing me what would lay before me if I choose not to Fear nor Fight my Potential for Success. Disregarding the theatrics of IDOL creation, Taylor Swift is a symbol to her fans their ability to forge ahead in life to call forth one's talents, develop the talents, then share the talents. She is a REFLECTOR to our Psyche - the Screen for our Projector to cast Light onto which reveals Images / Information.

Funny enough, I was really also (at the very beginning) having a Psychic Experience on Fire. Realizing that I am just a Field of Information. That this physical vessel isn't me. I am the Energy Field interwoven with the Frequencies Projecting Physicality.

I also felt a sensation that is foreign to my experience. A sensation that is difficult to find the wording similar to a word used in a different language that has no equivalent in the language you speak. This sensation...FAME. The Power to Influence and to Push. It is an Elite Class. I actually feel this whenever I watch Taylor Swift's concert movies. Reputation Tour really brought for this FAME sensation leading to today's Eras tour. It feels like the Knowing that I have the ability to Push and to Influence. It is very hard to describe this, but I thought it was interesting.

Today's Eclipse illuminated a lot of undercurrents within my unconscious that were then Projected onto the screen as I watch the Eras Tour Movie. The sound was the highest volume I ever experienced at the movie theatre! It was a sensory experience like no other. I was Reflected back on that which is asking to be Purged so I can truly reach my Full Potential. I saw my Anchors holding me captive. I saw my Potential screaming cheers for me to continue. I felt my Wounds begging for me to mend them and to release them from my Total Psyche.

This movie experience was a Symbol of today's Eclipse. The Mirror to the Unconscious to SEE, FEEL, HEAR, KNOW what is holding me back from becoming my own IDOL of Expression as a Spark of the GODFORCE.


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