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15 Minute Readings Are Useless

I realized that I cannot do my best work during 15 minute readings so offering them would be a disservice to those I help with my skills as well as myself. 15 minute readings cannot provide the energy to create an impact in the way that I intend.

I had success at psychic fairs and restaurants doing just 15 minute readings...but I always left feeling detached from my purpose. They can be useful as a preview, but the engine just gets started without any movement on the road.

The career path of a psychic and/or medium is completely individualized because of the severe conditioning on our population to denounce this work as fictional, foolish, and of the con-artist. The Witch Burnings has been going on for ages along with the institutions of our world capitalizing on the paradigm that has been destroyed by the great and wonderful new research of the expressions of higher consciousness. A 15 minute reading cannot unfold as a useful Tool without the proper education for a person to comprehend this work through the lens of reality instead of fiction.

I learned that it is imperative for a person to conceptualize the process of a reading to achieve the intention for a reading to be meaningful, impactful, and healing. I think that some of those who I read during the 15 minute reading events may perceive me as a lunatic without any skills due to their ignorance of the sacred intuitive arts. However, some of my regular clients came to me during one of those events and I must've made a great impression for them to be drawn to schedule a reading with me (and to this day).

I learned that Psychic and Mediumistic Information is tethered to the duration of the reading in order to abide by my boundaries. I made an agreement for X amount of time to share my energy and skills and I will only work within the agreed arrangement. The information floods in like a dam breaking and a waterfall rushing to freedom. Especially with Spirits...they want to use me however they can to get their loved one to know they are still very much alive. But! They don't have the time to really create an experience of Serenity and Harmony. They are left munching on fast food rather than eating a delicious home cooked meal.

I used to offer 15 minute readings in my practice. A service a client could book. I quickly realized that this was a perversion of my skills and I was going against my moral compass to offer just 15 minutes. I did create my Audio Reads services in case a client just has 1 or 3 questions without needing to schedule a long formatted reading.

If you've read my blog entries then you know that I perceive my work just like another trade job. How could a hair stylist create a beautiful work of art in such a short amount of time? It backfires on the stylist because the client would perceive the stylist to be lousy because the stylist's work is rushed and sub-par.

I write in my FAQ about suggestions for which duration of a reading a client should book.

The more information you'd like. The more topics and questions you have. The more spirits you're hoping to connect to. The more detail you'd like requires a longer duration of a reading. It is that simple.

Some people may find that scheduling a 60 or 90 minute reading isn't necessary or they believe that they can't afford more than just 30 minutes. If you really want my services, and services of any trade person, then you would pay for a longer reading. You're paying for the practitioner's experience, wisdom, knowledge, and skillset. Even with just 30 minutes...I seem to find that some clients are left wanting more. But! We agreed on 30 minutes for my time, energy, and skills and that is what will be honored. Maybe in a future reading the client would then schedule a longer session.

It is about Healthy Boundaries. To not be taken advantage of. To not undervalue one's services nor time.

I no longer even offer 15 minute readings for parties. I go to 20 minutes because I feel like that is more of a sweeter spot.

I always learned that 15 minute reading parties would give more of a suggestion for the party goers to perceive this work as entertainment. It is not entertainment. It is a Trade. It is a Craft.

15 minute readings are a waste of money. The money you'd spend at a psychic fair or restaurant could go toward scheduling a session with an authentic, developed psychic and/or medium which would be much more beneficial for your life's path.


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