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An Initiation

This past week as an Initiation. The depths of the Seas. I'm allowing this energy to unfold so I can see Higher Mind's purpose for Orchestrating the series of experiences which impressed upon my field a deepening of Self.

A Submergence of an Emergence to excavate the Ocean of the Psyche and its projection onto the World's Stage.

This newly acquired knowledge is intimate to the next leg of my hero's journey. Experiences not needing to be exclaimed to the theatrics of social media.

I find myself in a dazed state. Almost as if I can take a fresh breath since I breached the water's surface.

I'm not the same person as I was waiting to leave JFK on 11/4/23.

My palette has changed. My consciousness expanded. My knowledge broadened. I'm having to reconcile and change course.

This was a Gift from the Oceans of Higher Mind.

PSYCHISM evolved. My direction in life anchored more of my Essence to lead.

I arrived at a new shore that the Sea feels I am ready to traverse.

I have no words nor do I really feel like sharing these mystical intimacies.

What was the purpose and how was this necessary for my Evolution?


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