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Mediumistic Readings with Family

Reading mediumistically for two or more family members opens streams of information that one member can validate when the others are unaware of the energetic data. The openness for spirits to use me as a microphone engages with the energetics of the living to allow a greater magnitude of evidential information.

Last September, I did a group reading for a family of three. Two daughters and their mother. The host (one daughter) received my information from a friend who had a reading with me. As I often state, clientele for this type of work is gained mostly through word of mouth. The family of three felt a nudge from spirit to schedule a small group reading after receiving a referral.

I often don't remember the entirety of a reading. After reviewing the transcript to study myself, my healthy logic mind retains the information from the transcript rather than the actual experience. I don't remember readings because the orchestrations of impressions I receive are not of me - they are projections from spirit into my energy field.

That small group reading in September had a handful of spirits join, but the family's "Star Person" was the daughters' maternal grandmother and the mother's mom. Spirit provided wonderful evidence that she was still very much alive in that which my tiny human brain has a hard time comprehending. I do remember that the grandmother showed me lace on a coffee table. The daughters couldn't validate this byte of energetic data, but their mother confirmed that her mother often had a specific lace cloth used on a coffee table.

This is an example of how two family members may have no idea what spirit is providing me in my mind tool, but the third family member knows exactly what the vision means. Spirits want to provide the evidence and the information filters through the psychic toolkit - visions, names, numbers, letters, feelings, XYZ.

When you schedule a reading including your family members it is crucial for everyone to desire this experience. To want to understand what the experience entails through reading the instruction manual. To comprehend the board game. When every family is willing to learn something knew as well as having a basic trust in the developed, encoded medium...that is when magic happens!

Spirits will orchestrate the evidential information to the best of their ability to illustrate their existence outside of physicality. To provided energetic data such as memories from yesteryear and events that occurred after they transitioned. They may also provide information about what is to come in a possible future experience.

Spirits can provide explicitly detailed information - it moves like music. One measure is simple while others are comprised of sixteenth notes, eighth notes, chords, XYZ. It requires a lot of energy for spirits to anchor into a dimensional frequency bandwidth to allow my mediumistic antenna to pick up on their Essence. This works also leaves me incredibly drained.

I think it is actually best to schedule a mediumistic reading with family so that everyone can partake in the experience to create a new memory with their loved ones housed in energy form. To schedule only if every member desires the experience because...when one member is forced without the intrinsic desire it taints the energetics involved with a reading. Just like when one member of the family sincerely does not want to engage with learning a new board game then complains the entire time.

I often observe have information is relayed from me/spirits that a single family member cannot validate during an individual reading which is why I always provide a recording. The unvalidated information is shared with other members of the family with a high probability that it is accurate. Spirits see the potentials and foresees the streams of probabilities. Spirits have a macro perspective along with knowing the intention of the individual family member to share the recording with others in the family. Spirit locks onto the probability and provides me with energetic data that will be validated days, weeks, months following the session once the client does his/her research.

Readings are about receiving the glimmer of spirits' essence and having a small group of family together for the experience leaves them with the comfort that there is more than meets the eye.


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