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Film/Projector Analogy: The Sight

I like to use the Board Game Analogy for Readings as well as the Film/Projector Analogy.

The Sight Skill is just seeing Images, Names, Letters, Numbers, Mini-Movies, and Locations/Environments.

All Hyper-Focused Clues. Segments of a Scenery. Timeless Vision that may have a Knowing/Feeing of Linear Time.

These Images are Markers of Events/Experiences. They also could tie to thoughts/ideas, things you may have recently seen, conversations, and also information regarding a loved one of yours that you know about.

Now with Mediumship, the Film Strips reflect Spirits’ lives on Earth, Events/Experiences that occurred after they transitioned, information about their Family on Earth and in the Unseen, and also Scenes that you’ll have to do research on to establish Mediumship rather than Telepathy.


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