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The Structure & Process of a Mediumistic Reading

I continue to offer my services using my developed mediumistic (and psychic) abilities because they are reproducible and verifiable. A window of light to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the physical body.

Over the course of the years reading for clients, a psychic and mediumistic structure emerged. Mediumistically, I understood the introductory linking phase between me, my client, and the spirits as well as the unfolding of a reading which I then translated into the experience page and my opening speech. Life instructed me on the dynamics of a mediumistic reading – the craft – then I learned about organizations who test and certify mediums.

The Introductory Linking Phase is discussed in an earlier blog post. This chord connecting me, my client, and the spirits is formed to produce the required energetics to perform mediumship. I experienced how mediumistic information flooded into my Mind Tool without having to wait for impressions to download. It is an opening of a flood gate. The impressions at the beginning of a reading are formulated so my client can identify who is streaming through the connection. It was never me having to ask “who is the mother figure?” because I received more details than just a female energy entering the reading. I plan to make additional posts to expand on the introductory linking phase such as when more than one spirit comes through at the same time.

Following the ILP, my experiences taught me how the spirits will bring through evidential information about memories, events that happened after the spirits left physicality, current events in my client’s and family’s lives, and provide messages that are always validated by more evidential information. The spirits will also bring through information that will require my client to do research whether it be information that a family member knows, the client could be experiencing forgetfulness (psychic amnesia), and/or the information is concerning a future experience (prediction).

A mediumistic reading can involve more than one spirit. I experienced readings where just one spirit came through for an hour and readings with communication to up to five spirits. It is unpredictable. I do not know why this happens, but I do have theories as to why which I will expand further on a different blog post.

Spirits will orchestrate themselves in a series of communications that does not abide by me or my client’s desires. Many people going into a reading desire to speak with a ‘Star Person’ and I do find that the ‘Star Person’ does come through…although it is not guaranteed. My client and I will also be joined by spirits that my client was not expecting such as college professors, grandparents who they never met in physicality, spirits connected to a friend, and so much more. My job is just to answer the Spirit Phone and relay what I receive.

Every spirit communicates uniquely and provides evidential information that is not bound by conformity. I discuss this briefly in this post and I will write about this topic more. It will never resemble a uniform, computerized transcript.

After the spirits are identified, the reading flows with the impressions that I receive resulting in more evidence that they did not obliterate into nothingness after the death of the physical body.

The process of a reading is simple to understand and to get the most out of the reading. My client and I will link our energy with the spirits who will join the session. Then I will receive introductory details/signifiers to identify the spirit(s) that leads to them bringing through information about the past/present/future and messages. Then each spirit pulls back from me as I sense their energy disconnecting from the established link.

Spirits that join the session after the first spirit will alert me to the fact that the first spirit is “passing the microphone” so another spirit can join. It sometimes manifests as a knowing or even a feeling that my awareness is transitioning to another energy. Usually, spirits are good at alerting me and provides a smooth transition. However, I observed some spirits interjecting and is producing evidential information that my client validates as the new stream of information applying to another person who left physicality.

My raw mediumship demonstrations provide excellent examples of spirit “passing the microphone”.

The structure and process of a mediumistic reading continues to happen. Group readings follow this a well with only a few additional details that aren’t necessary to share here for you to understand the structure and process of a mediumistic reading because it is very similar to an individual reading with many spirits joining the session.

Just like with any profession that requires a trained skill…the process of the trade is reproducible and verifiable. This is why there are excellent organizations that test and study mediums. This is why when you have the knowledge of a genuine mediumistic reading you will never be preyed upon by fake mediums.

There are times when a spirit may join the session that my client cannot claim. However, I observed that it isn’t common. Out of the 6 live raw mediumship demonstration (as of 6/13/23) there were only 2 spirits that were unidentifiable compared to the many others in all six of the readings. Sometimes my client cannot identify the spirit because they forgot or they were just concerned about the ‘Star Person’ that he/she wasn’t thinking about other people who transitioned.

On 6/11/23, I was guided to read through “investigating Mediums” by Julie Beischel which inspired this blog post. I read a portion of the book that discussed the structure and process of a mediumistic reading that I already knew because this occurred and continues to occur in my life. I was shocked when I read that portion again! I recommend you read that book, but I did see that it is out of print on Amazon.

There are other factors that influence a mediumistic reading which I go into more in the How to Prepare page as well as the FAQ. Some factors are the relationship between my spirit and the client which is if they did not have a great relationship. Unhealthy skepticism and arrogance of a client will lessen the deepness of our link. A spirit may not like the medium and will refuse to join. The last one that I'll mention is that a client may not be ready for the spirit to join because a client could be too immersed in the pain of their grief.

A mediumistic reading is life changing and is a window of light for a medium to prove glimmers of spirits’ essence. When you understand the board game’s instruction manual then you get the most out of the experience. Mediumship is a real craft despite the many mechanisms of Darkness to delete the Sacred Art of Mediumship from the collective consciousness.


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